Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 30 something??? I think...



Well this week (week before 8/3/15) was really the best one ever. Now I know I say that a lot but this time I really really mean it!! This week Juan and Sonia got baptised!!! WOOO! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 
   Monday was normal, we went to the Kelly's/ McCarthy's house for dinner. And Azariah made me some Birthday cake! Woo! I Sure do love Birthday cake!! 
   Tuesday we had District meeting as usual except there were like 12 people in there! Crazy. Juan and Sonia had their baptism interviews and we also saw Jeannette and Kirsty! They also made me a birthday cake! Woo! We met with our new friend name "R" at Arthur's Quay park. It was pouring down rain so we stood under a tree and taught him about the restoration. It was really good. We went home and ate some dinner then we walked around the streets trying to talk with people but it was still raining so I don't blame them for not wanting to stop...haha I don't think I would want to either! 

   Wednesday we went to try by a referral that we got. She wasn't in so we went and talked to people on the streets. Then we went and saw Juan and Sonia and taught them the last lesson! WOO! 
   Thursday we did finding all day! Woo woo! It was a long day that is for sure! 
   Friday we went and saw Juan and Sonia and got all the baptism clothes in order.  Then we taught our friend "A". She is looking for a more spiritual way of life so hopefully we will be able to help her find that. We went out to the Allens house for dinner. Josie even let me help her in the kitchen! I was on roast slicing duty! Woo! 
our dinner..... WE DIED! Way too much food but that's what happens when you're really hungry

   SATURDAY! We went to the Church at 7:30 to fill up the Baptismal Font. So we went out to the boiler room got all the stuff situated or so we thought and then went and turned on the font.  But only freezing cold water was coming out but we didn't think too much of it because we thought it just needed time to warm up. So about 45 minutes passed and we had 4 inches of freezing cold water in the font. President Kearny came over to the church and he went to check out the boiler to see why it was cold. Well, we found out that the water valve was actually closed and so the water coming out was just leaking out, and that's why it was cold. We didn't turn the boiler on right. So he got it all fixed for us and after 10 minutes it was going good. We had warm water and it was filling up way faster! If he hadn't came to check on it that water would have been so cold and not very high! I am so glad that he showed up! The baptism went really well! The Speakers did their talks in Spanish and English so everyone could understand. Sister Stewart and I made Pasta salad and Chicken salad Sandwiches and cookies for afterwards. Everyone liked it so that was good! 
   Sunday, Juan and Sonia got set apart so that was really good too! And Fast and Testimony ​was great! After Church we went and did some chapping and also went to the Banabo's house! 
   This week was really great!! I love you all!! Hope you have a great week too!!! ~SISTER STRIBLING

(mom note: sorry to all those Sister Stribling fans/supporters that missed reading her blog last week.  But I am redeeming myself by posting last week and this week's blogs today.  Better late than never...right?!  Thanks for your love, prayers, and support!)
Went to a BBQ place called El torro. It was okay but not as good as America :(
 Azariah came teaching with us 

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