Monday, August 31, 2015

My first week half back in Scotland

Farewell to my friends in Limerick :-(

   Over the Island and through the Sea to Kirkcaldy I went. Well I have been here for just about 3 days or so now and I love it. It is so good! The people here are really nice and so that is good! The weather has been SUNNY! Can you believe it! I was about to shrivel up like a grandma in a pool but there is still hope!! Here In Kirkcaldy there is a lot going on! We have a few friends that we are teaching and they are so sweet! We are right next to the beach! Can you believe it! I still can't!! Crazy stuff! So here in Kirkcaldy we teach some people in Sign language... WOO! Let me tell you, Me trying to learn sign language is quite a sight! I have picked up quite a bit though so I think it is going good!! So rewind time for a bit.
   On Monday! Wow that was so long ago...We cleaned and shopped and emailed. Then we went around and said bye to some people. I had to say Bye to Juan and Sonia.. So SAD! I MISS THEM! I just love them so much! Oh man. They are so good! I made their Grandson a crocheted duck! Because his favorite animal is a duck. He liked it so that was good!
   Tuesday was nuts! We went and said bye to more people and then we had to go to the Bus station and pick up two other Sisters and then we switched companions and went to DUBLIN!
 Josie Allen and I
 Me with the Enokibara Family
 The Banabos
Sister Faloon and I 
Haha oh Sister Stewart 

   Wednesday, we woke up at 4:30 am and we set off to the Bus station. We took a bus up north to Belfast and then another bus to the ferry and then we took a ferry over to Scotland and then a bus to Edinburgh! Man.. After that we had a train ride for an hour and a half and then!!!!!!! We got to Dundee, stayed the night there and took another bus in the morning. 
   SO we arrived on Thursday morning around 11. (Man I just realized I have 5 Minutes and like 45 minutes worth of stuff to write about.) SORRY!!!! Miracle story- So we had to all buy Train tickets and it is the End of the month so most of us are all broke or we have like 19$ so you can't take money out unless its 20$. Well I Was one of those people. But as one of the other sisters was getting her ticket the machine gave her back 10 pounds but she paid with exact change. There aren't any workers there that are in charge of the Machines so we didn't know what to do? So it was like a miracle! We all got our tickets and we were off!! I have arrived safely in Scotland and my new companion Sister Jackson and I are doing good here!! 
Sister Dias and i with our white faces at 4 in the morning

(Mom note-This weekly update was written by Sister Stribling last week on P-Day but when she went to send it out the computer logged her off and so the email was in limbo until this week.)

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