Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Limerick (:


   Well this week has been pretty long! It all started last Monday when we had P day and we didn't do anything exciting. We went to Juan and Sonia's on Monday night and we taught them some English and we picked apples with them. They told us about this apple tree in their backyard and so we told them we would make them an apple pie. So we went and picked so many apples. haha oh my. We filled up 2 shopping bags. It was really funny because I kept telling them that was enough but I don't know how to say that in Spanish and so they just kept picking! Haha too funny.

   Tuesday, we had our district meeting. Talked about the spirit. That was good. After that we went over to eat lunch at subway. We went and did chapping for the rest of the day! 2 People answered their doors but both of them didn't want to talk to us. 
   Wednesday, we went and did finding all day. We walked around the city and talked with people and we went and did some chapping. We were supposed to teach someone but they were not able to make it into the city. That was sad.
   Thursday, we did our Weekly planning as usual. Then we went over and tried by some of our former investigators around the city but they moved or weren't in. We came home and had some bbq chicken for dinner and then we went over to the church because we had a movie night and we all watched "Meet the Mormons". It was really good, everyone had a good time.
   Friday, we went and chapped. This lady let us come in. She was...different. We shared with her about the Book of Mormon and she went off on some crazy tangent... Oh gosh! Well after that crazy experience we went over to our missionary meeting and then over to Bernie's house. She is so great! Oh and she gave us cream puffs. mhmm what a good day. We went and did some chapping and them went over to see the Barros family and we had dinner with them! they are so funny haha.
   Saturday, we did finding all day again. Lots of fun! Raining like always.

We were walking home in the rain and there was a huge puddle and these 2 dumb boys driving by splashed the puddle all over us!!!! jerks!! So ​rude.

Sunday, Church was good. We had quite a bit of visitors from Washington. Its always fun to talk to them. Well, this coming Sunday is moves call so we will see what happens!! If you wanna send me mail send it to the mission home please!! Love you all!! Have a great week!!! ~SISTER STRIBLING
They named this street after my new Nephew! His name is Atlas David Savea Stribling (born July 13th at 1:08 am Hawaiian time 22in long and 8lbs 10oz)  

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