Monday, May 25, 2015

Limerick Round 3


   Moves Call?! Happy to Stay, Sad to be losing Sister K. Martin

   Well I am really excited to be staying here in Limerick! But I am really sad to be losing Sister K. Martin! She really is super great! This last transfer I have had with her I have learned so much! It is just amazing to me! I just love her! But I will be getting Sister Stewart so I am also excited for that! We will have a great time together here in Limerick!
   Well Sister Martin and I had a pretty great week together this past week! We were able to see a lot of our friends and to teach them! On Monday for our P-day we went to a place called Castle Lough woods. It is near Ballina. It was so so pretty! We went with Elder Haller and Elder Patterson and we took lots of pictures and we even went by the ocean! It was so cold! My hand almost fell off when I touched it! After that we met with our friend "F" and we tried to answer some of his questions. He sure has a ton of questions. But we try to answer them the best we can. It's tough but it is teaching me a lot of patience! That is for sure!

   Tuesday we had our District meeting and it was really good! Sister Martin and I taught about listening and resolving concerns. It was good. And I used my mad piano skills to play the closing Hymn. Tuesday we were able to meet with 2 of our friends "M" and "A". They are both doing good! "M" is working towards baptism so that is exciting! We taught our friends "J" and "S" some English lessons and they are doing great! I just love them so much! And we taught our new friend named "P", He is from France. He is really nice so we are excited to see what is going to happen!
English Class with "J" & "S"

   Wednesday was really crazy. We met with a new friend called "R" and he has some really good questions! We were walking on our way to meet someone and we saw Johnny Andrews in Super Macs so we went in real quick and said hi to him and his wife Malou. They are so cute!
   Thursday we had a lot of lessons and everyone was doing good! We saw Jeannette and Kirsty so that was good.
   Friday we had our missionary meeting and then we went to see a less active man in the Branch named "B". He was at a refugee camp for the last 8 years and he is really nice. He loves to preach to people so it makes for some good conversations! We taught English again on Friday and "J" is doing great!

   Saturday we were able to see our recent convert Nichola out in Ballina and we helped her around the house a little bit. I tried to help by mowing the grass but here in Ireland it is way too wet and everything grows too fast! I hurt my arm so I am trying not to use it as much this week. It has been a while since I have used an old fashion lawn mower. It was good though. Except it died so we didn't get much done. :( We had another lesson with "R" and it was good! We met in the park and it was actually a nice day! It was crazy! We also saw "M" again and then went to the Enokibaras house for dinner! They are so sweet! I just love their family so much!

   Sunday was great! Our sacrament meeting was focused on Seminary and us missionaries got up and sang with the seminary students. It was really a great day! There was also a baptism for a little boy in the branch and so that was great! It was just such a great day! 
   I am doing so good! I love LIMERICK! SO much! I am so happy to be staying here! I love you all and hope you are doing good! LOVE SISTER STRIBLING

Wednesday, May 20, 2015



 Well we had such an amazing week together here in Limerick! The People are so great, they are all so friendly and helpful. It really is a blessing to be here. This week we were able to do so many wonderful things! We met so many people, We got soaked from all the rain, we went on exchanges and we invited someone to be baptised. 

   So Monday we went to the Cliffs of Moher again. Super fun and windy. Good times! After that we walked around the city and talked with people. It was a good night, nice and windy so that always helps! (Not really but it was fun) 
   On Tuesday we had our District meeting and we talked about the Book of Mormon. It was really good. After that we picked up my box so that was good. Got some delicious american candy so that was a definite plus! After that we went and chapped around a neighborhood and we met some really nice people. One family invited us in and so we met with them for about 30 minutes and they were so sweet! They are Muslim and they have the cutest baby ever! Fat babies are the best. Gotta love them! After we chapped for about 2 hours we had our exchanges and so Sister Foster and Sister Wilkin came down and switched with us so I went with Sister Foster to Dublin and it was such a long car ride. But we passed like 3 "On The Run" gas stations so that made me happy!! When we got to Dublin it was dinner time so we went to Nandos. It is so amazing. We had some great chicken. mmm. After that we went on the street and talked to people until it was time to go home. We met a really sweet lady and she was telling us about how much she loved God so we were excited but she didn't agree that God has Prophets today. She was really nice though.

   Wednesday was spent mostly driving to Limerick. But before that we met with a nice man from Africa, He made us hot Cocoa so that was really good. We talked with him about courage. When I got back with Sister Martin we went and talked with people on the street for about 3 hours and then we met with Jeannette and her daughter. They are so nice. We swapped candies so that was fun. On Wednesday we got a text from someone saying that they were interested in learning how to become a Mormon. Well I thought someone was pranking us so I didn't think too much of it. But we set up this seemingly fake appointment and we went to it and guess what. It was so real. The Lady that we met with, "M" she is so sweet. She Is so ready to hear the gospel and we are so excited to share it with her! 
   Thursday after we met with "M" we went to see a family from our branch and it was their sons birthday the next day so he was really excited. He got a really cool scooter thing, Sister Martin and I are planning at looking into them for our mode of transportation. So we will get back to you all on that (; 
   Friday we talked to a lot of people and met some really neat people.  We had an appointment with "A" again and he is doing really good. We were able to go and see 2 of our investigators that don't speak English, just Spanish. So we went over and struggled trying to set up a time to come visit with them again and then we asked them if they would like to do an English class with us. So now we are English teachers.. Uhh wish us luck okay! 
   Saturday we had an amazing lesson with our new friend named "T" and he brought his friend named "B" so it was really a good lesson. We talked with them about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. Saturday we taught our first English class.. It wasn't too bad, Actually it ended up really good so we are excited. We had a dinner with the Baros Family but I got us lost and put the wrong place into the GPS. Way to go Sister Stribling. But we ended up getting there... an hour late.. oops.. :( They forgave us though so that's good! 
   Sunday was amazing. Two of our friends were able to come to church with us and after church we taught "M"and we invited her to be baptised and she said yes! She is so amazing. We are so excited to see how things go with her. After that we went to see the Murphy family and they are amazing. We just had a great week altogether! 
I HOPE THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING GREAT! We have moves call on Sunday so if you want to send any mail then please send it to the Scotland Address. 
 Met Nalani Fonoimoana she is from Kahuku Hawaii (: Met her at church on Sunday
Made Melanie a Birthday cake for her Birthday on Saturday

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun Fun Week

   So this last week was pretty great! We got a lot of things done. I am still kinda sick and I don't know how to make it go away! It is so lame! But other than that everything is still climbing up! We have been meeting with our new friends and they are all so great! Sister Martin and I are both doing good and so everything is awesome! 
Sisters Picture at Limerick Zone training (Elder Neideck photo bombed us) 
Sister Foster and I (:
I tried to learn how to play the Violin. Sister Martin is still teaching me.. Theres no hope.

   Monday we went to the Castle and then after that we went and saw Jeannette and Kirsty Solley. They were good. 
   Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. We did that from 10-4 and so it was a long meeting! But it was good. We were able to hear some good ideas and to learn a lot of new things. We went to meet a girl at her house that we met on the street last week but she wasn't in and so Sister Faloon invited us over for dinner. They are so sweet! 
   Wednesday we taught some lessons. We met with "A" and taught him about the holy ghost. He is doing really good! We will meet with him tomorrow too(: After that we met with "A2" he is from Sierra Leone. He is also doing good! So over all it was a good day! We went to a family's house on  Wednesday also, Sister Oyibo. Her family is so nice! She is from Nigeria. She is so kind! We taught her kids about the Savior and his role. They are good kids! After our lesson we chapped some doors around their neighborhood and we met some cool people! We even got invited into someones house! They were such a nice family, They let us share a bit with them and so we did. It was so great! 
   Thursday, I was really sick. But we went to our first lesson and he didn't show up and so we did our weekly planning in costa and drank hot cocoa. We had a lesson at 1 pm and it went pretty good(: We had Gitanna come with us and she is just amazing! Then our 3rd lesson got canceled too. So that was lame! 
   Friday, we had 3 lessons and we took dinner with us to Jeannette and Kirsty.  We had Enchiladas. Kirsty asked me what was spicy in them and so I showed her a Jalapeno and told her not to eat it but she sure ate it. The poor girl was on fire. 
   Sunday, I gave a talk in church and we taught primary. It was crazy. Both of them. But it wasn't too bad! I liked it.  And We talked to our families (on Skype from the Faloon's home) and it was so great! It was so fun to see everyone! Good times(: 
   Well today we went back to the Cliffs of Moher- It was fun! It was SO windy! We almost blew away! But no one died so that is really good! I love you all and hope you have a good week!! 
Waiting at the Garda office 
On our way to the Cliffs!
Skyping on Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Week in Limerick

 Sister K. Martin & Sister C. Stribling

   So this week was pretty great! We have been able to keep pretty busy and so it is great! We have been able to meet some pretty amazing people this week! We met with a man named "M" on Tuesday and we taught him for the first time and we invited him to be baptised! Well he said yes! We are so excited to see his progression in the church and all the great things that are waiting for him! It will be so fantastic!  "M" is such a great person! He is just so sincere about everything!
    I have been so sick this week. I don't know what's wrong with me. All this rainy weather probably. I dont know. But I get better one day and then feel more sick the next day. But we are just moving right along. The cough drops and medicine (you all sent me) in the box really help, thanks family! And we have been eating lots of fruit so I don't know why I am getting sick. It is no fun. But soon I will be all better. Hopefully next week because we are supposed to get more rain all this week! FUN FUN! 
   So Wednesday we went to Sister "B"s house for a visit. Their family is so cute! She has 2 daughters and they are so funny. They remind me of Cypress and Calli. Too funny. They even gave us CapriSun! WOO! Score!    Thursday was the best day ever (Besides Saturday...Saturday was great too). We met with 2 new people! First we met with "S", and he is really nice. He is really into history and so it was neat to teach him about the Restoration. It was good! Then we met this guy from Sierra Leone. His name is "A". He is way cool. He is very nice and open to the gospel. The work is just going so great here in Limerick! We have also been meeting with this guy named "A2". We have met with him 3 times now and things are going good! He does topiary and he knows all of his plants! It's pretty cool. He doesn't really know what he wants to do in regards to learning more but we talked to him and resolved some of his concerns so hopefully everything will be fine! We have high hopes for him! 
   Friday we went to Sister "G"s house! She is so cute! She has 2 kids and her sister was over visiting. They are from the Philippines and they made us some delicious rice ball soup stuff with Jack fruit and yams and plantains. It was good! 
   Sunday we had a good fast Sunday. Very uplifting. We went to the "Mc"s house for dinner that was fun. (Mom note- We got to see pics with their family posted on fb by Azariah.  Thanks "Mc" family for all your love and taking care of all of the many different sets of missionaries that come through your ward)
   Well today we went to the Bunratty Castle. It was pretty neat. It's like a big square castle. We also went to a woolen mill by it and it was such a cute little town! 
   Well I am doing pretty great! And I hope you all are doing good too.  I love you all so much. Be Good!
 Us in front of the Bunratty Castle
 Me in the cool chair thing
 Sister Martin and I got matching skirts (Different colors but they still match...)
Driving through Shannon. (: