Monday, November 23, 2015

I met an Apostle!!! Elder M. Russell Ballard

I AM SICK!! I might die. Okay, I wont die...but I am sick. Sister Thompson bought me some medicine, like a ton of medicine. So that should help me! I will survive everyone...don't worry!!
Well, let's just jump right to the point of this whole email this week...I met Elder M. Russell Ballard of the quorum of the 12 Apostles in Dublin, Ireland. He shook BOTH of my hands!!! Woah...Watch out! I am his favorite. I know it. 

---Ha funny insert story--I was talking to President Donaldson at lunch time on Saturday and told him, "Hey President, sometimes I tell people I am your favorite just to make them jealous. And he said, "Sister Stribling I do the same thing." Haha too funny huh?! end of funny story---

 I love Irish rainbows!!!!!!!

Elder Ballard is so funny! He is such a nice man! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to be here in Ireland and to meet him. It was great! He told us many things like ways we can become better teachers, and it has really inspired me. I mean can we all just think about it for a second...every day we teach people. I don't care who you are, where you are, WHAT you are, You are a teacher, at least that's what I (Sister Stribling) think. If you think otherwise, let me know why.  So, I teach people about Jesus Christ and how they can know him personally and how through him they can return and live with their family forever. Even though we may teach well and people can understand us, things seem to be going alright, I mean, people get baptised. So, I am not the worst teacher because they understand, but, I can always be better. So that is my goal. I need to be a better teacher! I am working on it! Studying things out more and really understanding what it is that I am supposed to do. It might take a while but it's a start. 

One thing that we were invited to do is to bind ourselves. It was really interesting actually. Elder Kearon of the Seventy talked to us about it and how we need to be willing to act. He said we can feel the spirit and if we do not act, it will leave, and those feelings will disappear. The spirit invites us to change and to do. It is a good thing to do. Think about how many times a day we feel the spirit and how many times do we ignore it? I know I do it all the time!!! It is so easy!  But, as I have been trying to notice the spirit talking to me more, I have been feeling a lot better about when we are out talking to people on the street and really just in everything! It's great! Do it! 

This week we haven't really done much, we had our exchanges with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) in Dublin. So that was fun. Sister Wagner also came over to Dublin so I got to see her. She is great ahah! Being at the MTC with her was the best! Yesterday...I hit my 13 month mark.... EW! That is horrible and it makes me so sad! I am never coming home! Sorry Mom and Dad. (; Anyway, we took a forever long journey on a bus back up to Bangor. haha Busses are so bad! There is no way to sleep comfortable on a bus. I have tried every single way! No Hope.

Sunday night, we had dinner with the Elders in our District. They are alright... they can be lame sometimes but we are whipping them into shape. Haha, if you can call it that! No just kidding! They are actually really great! They help us out a lot! So, yeah, I think that is about all of our adventures for this week... Um...I have been having some pretty crazy dreams lately.. need to stop drinking hot chocolate before bed.. hahaha 

Hey, I love you all!! Be good!! WRITE TO ME OR I WILL be sad.. 

Sister Cedara Stribling
4 Ava House
244 Clandeboye Road
Bangor BT19 1QB
Northern Ireland
My favorite kind of Sunsets!! All pink.

Monday, November 16, 2015


The 3 ferry Sisters! Me, Sister Skagen, and Sister Muller 

Well. Let me tell you I thought Kirkcaldy was cold.. WHOA it is freezing here! And rainy. Way more rainy than ever before in my life. Well this computer is old and crazy so I might have to make this one short for the sake of actually getting it sent! 
   So on Monday back in Kirkcaldy we went and saw some people and said bye. Then we went and had Dinner with "J" and Heather Thompson came with us. "J" is so wonderful. I am so excited to hear about his baptism and all that good stuff! Oh man I sure do miss everything in Kirkcaldy! But...I do like it here in Bangor so that's good too!
 The bridge..... In Kirkcaldy
 Me and Alison WIlson (: love her! 

   Tuesday was more of running around with our heads chopped off trying to talk to people and finish everything so we could leave at 6. Sister Raferty came and helped us move some chairs into the flat and took us to dinner and to the train station. It was so nice of her! We got on a train to Dundee and then I left Sister Jackson there and got on another train to Edinburgh. Then from the train station Sister DeMille and I walked to the Sisters flat. I am surprised we found it! Well, we walked to the Mission home and then got a lift to the flat. We didn't even get lost! Go team! 

   Wednesday was so much travelling! We got on a bus at like 7 and then we got to the ferry and had a 3 hour Ferry journey. It wasn't actually that bad!!! Thanks for all of your prayers...they worked! I didn't even get sick! So we got to Belfast, took another train to Bangor, and the stake resident picked us up at the station and took us home. The members are so good it's exciting to be here! We walked around the city and tried to get lost so that we could find some new ways to get around. Then we called everyone in our area book and 2 of them said we can see them this week. So that is exciting! 
 Cool kids on the Ferry. Me & Sister Skagen and Elders Perkes, Carmichael, Jaroz, Yip

As we were walking into the city on Saturday I got this feeling that we needed to go and chap a certain street, so I told Sister Prescott and we went. No one was interested! Until we got to the very last door and met an old guy in a run down house with broken down cars all around it. He had met missionaries before and told us we could come back again! Then Saturday night we were trying to find out where some members lived, (the Harkness' family) because we were having dinner with them. Well we found it and had like 30 minutes, so we decided to chap some more. The second door we chapped on, this lady let us in! She told us about how she had lost her husband last year and how she wanted to see him again. So we taught her and she told us we could come back in a week. It was so exciting! She is wonderful! 

Here in Bangor it's good! So it is! Everything is new and exciting! I'm just trying to get the hang of this whole thing. Wish me luck! Thank you for your prayers! I love you all!! 
~Sister Stribling

Monday, November 9, 2015

Moves Call--to Northern Ireland!

 Cool spider web as we were exercising outside 

Well, if you all haven't heard yet... I have been summoned to Northern Ireland! I will be serving in Bangor near Belfast. I am excited!!! My new companion will be Sister Prescott, It's funny because I lived with her when I was in Glasgow! We lived together for like 8 weeks. So it will be so good!! We will be Whitewashing in! Crazy! So neither of us has been there. Man it will sure be an adventure this transfer, oh  and Thanksgiving is this transfer.. Hopefully there are some Americans there (; haha too good. Only bad part.. Getting back on that ferry... I may die... so stay tuned for next week... (mom note--Sister Stribling got so badly seasick the first time she crossed on the ferry during transfer from Glasgow to please pray for calm seas for her on Wednesday move)

Now just to bug Sister Kate Bloomfield (; IT IS FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And raining.. The street near our flat has flooded!!!!!! It was crazy! but it gave me a good excuse to wear my wellies so I was happy about that! Scotland just has to rain so much so that everything can be all green and pretty! I guess it is a sacrifice we all need to make! 

Monday this week was normal, so that was good. We went with the Elders to KFC. Oh man, I love KFC. So that was fun. Did some emailing, did some grocery shopping and then we walked around the town looked at some charity shops fun fun stuff!! We had Family Home Evening with the Thompson's. Our friend "E" came and it was really good. We talked about how we need to S.M.I.L.E! In 2 Nephi 9:39, To be Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal. It was really good and we made some rice krispie treats mmmm. 
 We were in charge of watching the Thompson's house for 15 minutes. 
 Made toffee apples 
(DONT worry, we cleaned the hob)

TUESDAY we had our District meeting as usual. Elder Livingston is pretty cool. We did some fake chapping. So we had a "True to the Faith" book and we had to open it to a random page and then teach that person about whatever it said. Now there were some crazy ones in there. Like "Hey we are just out talking to people about death." haha.. yeah they would have just shut the door for sure. Or when we flipped to the Law of Chastity, of divorce or some other crazy things in there. It was really good though! We were supposed to be trying to find new ways to talk with people so that's good. Sometimes when you are chapping you can get so bored so that is no good. It makes it so much more fun and interesting when you switch things up a bit! After District meeting the Elders made us some pasta for lunch. They're nice to us sometimes... We were walking over to the bus station and we met this guy named "F" and we were talking to him but he wasn't interested. So we asked him about his family and if he had any advice for us for when we go home.. Haha so "F" said, "Look girls, you need to take your time, I got married when I was 32. and when you find him[or her I don't know what you like] you will just know! You need to look for the sparkle in their eye, and if they don't have it, move on." Wise words from an old Scotsman. He was too funny. Later on we had Sign language class and learned to sign a hymn so that was good!

Wednesday, we walked along the pram talking with people. It was cold, so they didn't want to talk to us very much. haha oh well! We still talk! We had some lunch after that. I think I made broccoli cheese soup but maybe that was the other day.. yeah I don't know.. We walked over to the old flat to clean everything. Good stuff (not really) It's gross. But not anymore! We cleaned it! Not done yet though. A little more to do but since we are both leaving the new (incoming) Elders will have to do it! then we went and taught "J" with Alison (Sister Wilson) and we went over his baptism calendar. We have taught him everything now! He is praying for a baptism date! 

Thursday, we walked along the pram again. We do that most mornings just so you know. There was a man fishing so we went and talked with him, mostly because I wanted him to offer me a go. He didn't.. so we talked to him about fish and how I used to go fishing with Dad. But he is too patient for us and we always get so bored and want to leave... but he doesn't let us leave until everyone gets their 4 fish. He thought that was too funny. If you are ever wondering, fish the incoming tide. I hear its better. We saw "L" with Sister Bloomfield and that was good. We read in Ether 3 with him. Miracles happen!!

Friday, we went to Ladybank to see our friend "A" with one of the members there named Amy. The lesson went good. "A" said that she will write down the blessings that she sees each day so that's exciting for her. We went and cleaned the old flat a little more, then we went and taught "J" with Sister Brown. Friday was a pretty busy day. We missed the bus and ended up taking the train, so that was fun. It was WAAAYY shorter than the bus. 
We took the train! It is so crazy to me. trains.. hmm. 

Saturday, we saw "F" as usual.  Our bus broke down while we were at the bus station so we were sitting there for like 15 minutes and then a new bus finally came! Sheesh! We were only like 20 minutes late and "F" wasn't mad so it was all okay! We tried by some of our friends in Coaltown of Wymess but none of them were in!!! Crazy! We will miss them! 

Sunday was so good! Remembrance Sunday. Everyone wears poppy's to remember all of the lives affected by the wars. We also stand for 2 minutes in silence. I stood with Sister Gowans. She is so sweet! I love her! We went to Elders Quorum this Sunday. That was exciting! We had to go in order to sign for Andrew. It was too funny because they all (the men in Elder's Q) didn't know what to do! After Church we went over to Sister Gowans house and had lunch with her. Then we went and tried by "M", but she was busy so we weren't able to go in and talk with her. Later on, we got our shocking moves calls. Sister Jackson is going to Stornoway and I am going to the North! 

Sister GOWAN! I love her!!! She gave me an old copy of the Book of Mormon.  

This week has been something crazy. I am grateful for the time that I have had to be here in Kirkcaldy and to learn and grow with all of the members here. I am excited for this new adventure! Love you all!! ~Sister Stribling

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 52ish .....Woah!

Well...This has been a pretty exciting week so it has! We have traveled so much and had so many meetings and lessons and we moved flats!! WOO! 
Sisters McBride, Dias, me and Jackson.. I blinked. 

It all started out on Monday when we had our Sisters Conference. It was really good!! Sister Stewart and Sister DeMille picked us up and drove us down to Edinburgh. We had some little classes and people talking to us about everything from our personalities to how to accessorize...too funny!! I found out that my personality is very unique to say the least.. haha! Most people were spread out over, "hurry up", "be strong", "please others", "being liked" and there was another one but I don't remember (the label). But for a whopping 24/25 points, I got "be strong"! Thanks Mom. HA! It was scary accurate. We had a lesson/demonstration thingy about food and that was exciting to begin with.. And then they told us how to eat healthy, so we are practicing that! After our Sister Conference we went to see "M.R.". She is the best! Every time we go there I leave about to wet myself. She is so funny!! (Don't worry people, that was sarcastic.. I don't actually pee on myself.. that would be really gross....) 

Tuesday!!!! We had District meeting in the morning and Sister Stewart (my last companion) is in my district so it was just like old times!! Haha too good! I seriously love her so much! She is going home in 3 months!! And Sister Dias (my very 1st companion) is going home in December!! Ah All of my favorite people!! So sad! We learned about using our time wisely and how we can be more effective while we are finding and teaching people! We chapped a street called Cairn street. That was good. I don't know what time everyone is supposed to be home but everyone always seems to be out and about! We will need to find the best time! We sure do chap a lot of doors! We had our Book of Mormon class. We are on 2 Nephi 8. It's good! Read it! We also had our Sign Language class and we learned a section of Doctrine and Covenants. Exciting stuff! 

Wednesday!! We had a lesson bright and early with "J" at Sister Brown's house. Oh man, let me tell you...the Spirit was there. And it was slapping everyone in the face basically. It was so STRONG! God is real. He is there. He Listens to us, and He loves us. We have invited "J" to be baptised about 99 times now. He knows the Church is true, but he feels scared, which is totally understandable. I mean it is a HUGE decision! This last Wednesday, "J" felt the Spirit. I know he did. And he wants to be Baptised, so we are working with him to find a date that he feels good about. During the lesson, I felt the Spirit so strong. Probably the strongest I have ever felt it in my life. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church on the earth. That is true. I know it. After "J" we had some lunch and then we went with Sister Bloomfield to see "L". We read with him in Mosiah chapter 24 about trials and how we can overcome them. "L" is so wonderful. He is so prepared! He feels the spirit so much! After "L" we went and saw our friend "E" and her gran. They are both doing really well. We chatted with them and then walked home in the freezing cold rain and that was fun! It is the best when your flats are already soaked and so then you can jump in as many puddles as you want because hey, your flats are already soaked, so it doesn't make any difference! 
Me and Sister Jackson waiting on the bus that we found out our passes were expired & so we had to walk 30 minutes to our lesson and we were late! HA!

Thursday! We did some papers and we had lunch with Sister Sally Brown. She gave us Shepard's pie, lamb, gravy and potatoes. It was really good! She is so great! She is like 90 yrs young and she still does everything in her power to share the gospel! She told us about this lady down the street and told us to go by her and talk to her. So after we had lunch and I hoovered her stairs then we went and tried by this lady she told us about, "F". She is sick but she told us to come back this week, so we will! We had dinner with the Lairds, Indian food, good stuff. They are so funny! 

Side note..-Some lady just came into the church and asked me to phone the police... Then she said she was going back to the mental hospital.. she just left.. Man, Kirkcaldy is interesting. 

Friday, We got a call and were told we have a new flat! WOOO! So we had to pack all of our stuff. We saw "J" again and the lesson was really good. We brought Heather with us. She is amazing!  So we taught "J" and we packed up our flat .

Saturday, We were on Exchanges for about 6 hours. Good stuff! I was with Sister Stewart again. Ha, I love her! And we went and taught "J" again with Sister Raferty. We invited him to be baptised on November 14th, but he said he wants to wait til January... Sad stuff. We prayed with him about it and he said he would like to get a blessing. So that will be good for him! We saw "M.R." again and talked with her about 2 Nephi 32. About why we need to pray and all that good stuff. She is wonderful! Then after that, we got all moved into our new flat. That was good! 
Me and 2 of the Bousie's kids. 

SUNDAY! Fast and Testimony. Always a good time. We went to the Bousies home for dinner after Church. Man, I Love them! They are so fun! We made them some brownies! (thanks for the baking stuff in my box ma and pa (; ) 

This week has sure been crazy and crawled by so fast! I love it! I love you all and hope you are well!! ~Sister Stribling