Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Guess where I am going???

Me skipping down the road like usual!

   WELL!!! We got moves call last night... And guess what! I am moving back over to Scotland. Over to Kirkcaldy. I have no idea what is going to happen but it is going to be so good!!! I am really excited for all of the changes that are ahead of me but I am so sad to leave Limerick! Missions are crazy experiences! This week is seriously just a big blob.. I have no idea what we even did this last week... I will try my best to remember!!! 
   Monday we saw Juan and Sonia, They are still doing great like always! 
Me and Giacomo! Juan and Sonias grandson so cute!!!
French things.ohhhh 

   Tuesday, we went to our friend "P"s. He just got back from Holiday over in France and he brought us back a ton of snacks and sweets from France!! Crazy! He also brought me STINKY CHEESE!! Now- I love cheese.. But that stuff smells so bad!!!!!!!!! Sister Stewart and I almost threw up when we smelled it!! I wish I could attach smells on this e-mail because I want you all to smell it!!! Maybe just let your Rubbish sit for about 7 weeks and then smell it. That's probably the closest you will get! We also had our District meeting on Tuesday and it was Elder Bailey's last one!!! We will miss him!! He is going home!
 Our District. L to R- Elders Williams, Salinas, Oxspring, Christensen, Bailey, Buckley, Reimers, 
Sister Stewart and I (:
The best 4 in our district the Limerick missionaries (and a photo bombing ginger Elder LOL)

   Wednesday, we saw Jeannette and Kirsty, They are doing good! We watched a Mormon message with them.
   Thursday, we did our planning for the week. We went and saw Juan and Sonia and we taught them about family History they loved it! We are going to help them make accounts so that they can start to do their own! We also went and taught Pierre again (on Thursday) about Prophets and we read a talk by President Monson with him. He liked it he said, so that was really good!!
   Friday, we went and helped Juan call some place in Dublin. We Had our Coordination meeting and we also went and saw the Enokibaras! They are so great haha their kids just crack me up! Until they gang up and tickle me then that is no fun at all!!! 
   Saturday was so good! We had a fireside by an Area 70, Elder Herbertson. It was really good!! "P" came to it and he liked it! Elder Herbertson told us all about the life of a 70 and about how we can each make it to the Celestial kingdom. It was great!
   Sunday was so long! We had our Branch Council meeting at 9 am then we had church like always, so that was good. Had some Sweet pork Burritos for lunch. Then we walked over to the Bus station and said bye to Elder Bailey and then we went over to Juan and Sonia's. They weren't in. Then we waited in agony for our moves call and finally got it at 10:27pm... 3 minutes to spare!!! Thought we were forgotten! I am excited for this new adventure... wish me luck!!!!!! 
 Sister Stewart trusted me to cut her hair... 
I did so good

Bye Bye to Limerick & Sister Stewart...Hello Scotland (again)

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