Monday, August 31, 2015

My Week in Kirkcaldy

Sister Jackson and I (:

   Well Sorry about last week and the emailing fiasco. Man Good word Sister Stribling. So what happened was I had it all typed up and I was just about to send it and then BAM! The computer logged me right off! RUDE HUH!? So I just sat there in shock for a good 5 minutes and then cried just thinking about how my mom is gonna have a few choice words for me this week..... I AM SORRY!!!! I have repented and changed!!!! I promise. So now for the good stuff... 
We SAW DOLPHINS!!!!!! I have a video of them but it won't send so you will have to wait for 8 months. 
There were 3 of them just jumping all around!

   Well this week we sure did a lot of things!! First off on Monday we went to this place called Elie and we did a chain walk! So for this chain walk thing there are huge chains stuck into the sides of these rocks and people go there and climb up them and go by the little caves and cliffs and it is so pretty!!!!! You should all go there- I recommend it! After that we came back to Kirkcaldy and we had Family Home Evening with some members and our Friend "A". He is deaf. He is seriously so funny and nice! Haha he is great!
   Tuesday, we had a meeting. Scotland East. It was good it was our Zone (Dundee) and Aberdeen Zone. We talked about a ton of things! They were all good! We practiced sharing a one minute lesson on the Restoration. I am getting pretty good. So that is exciting. Oh and we had cake. That's always good! Came home, then we went to Ward Council and we had Fish and Chips for dinner. mmmm and then we had our British sign language class at the Church. There were quite a bit of members that come to it so that was really good! Andrew taught it!
   Wednesday, we did some finding. We were walking by the beach talking with people. I love this place so much. Ah it's so good! We went over to this members house for lunch. Her name is Margaret Kelly. Now let me tell you.. There are so many Margarets here you wouldn't believe it! But it is true! We went out to Glenrothes after that and we taught a recent convert named Kim that was good. After that we went all the way over to Dysart and had dinner with our Investigator "J". The Thompson family from the ward came over too and it was so great! "J" is so great!! He is so nice! We came home and learned some Sign language so that was good. Man- It is tough. Have you ever tried to learn British Sign language.. I have- The Grammar is SO different. It drives me crazy but I pray and do my best! Heavenly Father provides the rest for me! I Sure do love Him.
   Thursday we did our planning like every other Thursday so that was good. We went over to Sister Browns house and had lunch with her. It's called Cullen skink. It was really good! Kinda strange at first. It has so much fish and mussels and fishy stuff in it.
   Friday and Saturday we just had some lessons with our friends and we did a lot of Finding around Kirkcaldy, Lots of Chapping. This one man we Chapped on his door and he set up an appointment with us! Exciting huh!!!! It sure is!!! 
   Sunday, (Yesterday) we had church. It was really good. We had Combined Priesthood and Relief Society so we talked about the importance of the Sabbath day. Next week our meeting times are getting switched so we will have Sacrament first! Exciting! 
   I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!! Thank you for all of your prayers and letters!!! LOVE SISTER STRIBLING 
Please enjoy these pics from the lovely beaches in Scotland (; 

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