Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunsets, New Friends, New Outlooks


Well hello there people on Earth and surrounding planets! Sister Stribling here with the weekly (unless I run out of time and can't do it) report! 
   So this week in the town of Kirkcaldy-starting off from Monday...we went on a beach tour. When I say beach tour I mean we took the bus out to a beach and then we realized the tide was way too high! So we couldn't walk along the Coastal route so we had to walk on the road for 2 miles! Well it wasn't actually that bad because in Limerick we walked 20 odd miles everyday so I am used to it but some of the others weren't too happy. haha OH WELL IT WAS FUN! Found a few sea shells. My new favorite P-day hobby! Then we had some Subway.(Chicken teriyaki just for you mom) (; 
   Tuesday we had our District meeting, We were instructed on Repentance, good stuff. I love repentance! Go repent! It is great! You're all great! After District meeting we had Exchanges. I went with Sister Wilkinson over to Dunfermline, that was fun. We Chapped ALL DAY! haha it was crazy. We sure chapped a lot of doors. No one was interested but we still did it! We did it! All of the lessons we had planned fell through, so we chapped some more. Had some noodles for dinner. Mhmm.. 
   Wednesday we had lunch with Sister Brown (the Bishop's wife) We made some toasties! (Sandwhiches) Fun stuff. We went to meet with our new friends "J" and "M".  Sister Brown (the  Old mission Presidents wife) came with us. -Heads up: There are like 90 Browns in the Kirkcaldy ward so good luck trying to decipher! - It was really good! "J" is 85 and "M" is 50 and "J" sure has a lot of questions pertaining to the things that happen after we die. So we talked to them about the Plan of Salvation and it was good, They both recognized that they were able to feel the spirit, so that was really good for them! After that we had a new lesson with our friend "C", He is going to school up here from Edinburgh. Well "C" is awesome. We invited him to be baptised and he said yes! First lesson, What a blessing. It is so amazing to me to watch people come closer to their Heavenly Father. It is such a great experience! 
   Thursday, we did our Weekly planning. So much fun! (not really) We tried by a lot of our former investigators but none of them were home really. So sad! We had Dinner at the Binnies home. They are too funny. haha it was so good! 
   Friday, we taught our friend "J". He is getting Baptized on the 10th of October. He is so funny. He is going on Holiday this week so we will miss him for a few weeks! After that we went to see a member, Margaret R. She is so nice, We go and see her each week. She is the best! Haha it is such a hoot talking with her! Then we had some lunch and went out to Glenrothes to paint a fence! We only got half done so we will finish it this week! and we get to paint someones bathroom and strip another ladies wallpaper! Man I am going to be a professional by the time I am done! 
   Saturday! Not much was done on Saturday. We tried to see "J" and "M" but "M" wasn't in, so we couldn't teach "J". Next we went to a members house, (Anne Powell) and we studied the Book of Mormon with her. She is so sweet! I just love her so much haha she made us a picnic dinner too, she is the best! 
   Sunday was filled with Church and Sign language, talking to old ladies on the side of the road, being invited to have coffee with them, and going to the Fellows house for Chicken dinner. Too good! Sunday was very uplifting! 

The testimonies of Members is amazing! SHARE YOURS!! People need to hear it! GO! SHARE IT! NOW! or next fast Sunday whichever is more convenient!I LOVE YOU ALL! I hope you have a great week (: The Church is TRUE! Thats all. ~SISTER STRIBLING

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