Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kirkcaldy is great! I love it!


   Well this last week Sister Jackson has been sick with a cold/flu? I don't really know for sure...I am not a doctor... Or am I? No I am not. But I made her go to sleep and then I made some chicken and rice soup and apple crisp. Yeah I had too much time on my hands. I went through all 3 of our area books, Sheesh! Tried calling people, no one loved us or wanted to talk to us. Oh well! The work goes on! Sister Jackson is feeling better now so it's good!
   Monday we had the LAMEST P-day on record. We didn't do anything. Broke, soaking wet from the rain and bored. What a great P day.. We did have Family Home evening at a members house. "A" (A deaf man In our ward) was there, so that was good! He is so great haha He is HILARIOUS!!
   Tuesday we had our District meeting. Surprise! And then we went and painted Anne's bathroom Periwinkle! It was really fun! Until someone... Sister jackson...painted my shoe periwinkle! haha Oh well. It was a lot of fun. We have been reading the Book of Mormon with Anne; we finished Enos, Jarom and Omni. They are really good! Go read them! After that we went and did some Chapping and then ate some dinner and had Ward Council, Book of Mormon class, and Sign Language class.
   Wednesday Sister Jackson was sick as a.. I don't know what. So I made her sleep. i am such a good Doctor (: After she felt a little better so we went to see our friends "E" and "E", They are so cool. It's a girl and her Gran. Too cute. We talked with them for a bit and then we headed off to Glenrothes. Our areas are getting split so we won't have Glenrothes anymore. So Sad. but hey whatcha gonna do? Well we visited Sister Maitland out there. She is doing good. She is so sweet! We went over to the Blacks house for Dinner and had Lasagna, mmm. They are so cute. Their son is on his mission now in Spain. Pretty cool huh!?
   Thursday, we had Exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I stayed with Sister Wilkinson here in Kirkcaldy. We went over to Burntisland with John (a Member) and had lunch at this amazing sandwich place, "Mean green sandwhich machine". Go look it up, It's great! and then we went Chapping, and met 3 new people! cool cool stuff! Then we had Dinner at the Binnnies house, They are too funny. Morgan was bullying me though! Haha good times! After the Binnies, Sister Wilkinson accidentally called the emergency number while we were running to the bus and they stayed on the phone for like 5 minutes! Haha It was funny, but no good! We went and saw "M.R", She is doing good! She came to church Sunday.  She is so funny. Man I love her!
   Friday, we finished painting Anne's Bathroom and we did some chapping! Gotta love it right!! I sure do! We had dinner at "A.W's" house and that was fun. I found out that my ancestors- On Moms dad's side (Maxwell's) are from Dumfries,Scotland! WOAH! Crazy!! Too bad only Elders go there
   Saturday, we Blitzed in Dunfermline at the Glen, We did Sidewalk chalking and we walked around for hours talking with people. We didn't get too much from it :( After that we went and Chapped a street (Raith Road) with the Elders and it was really good! We had a 45 minute discussion with a baptist Elder at his house. He had a lot of good questions and it was a learning experience for me for sure! Humbling if anything else.
   Sunday, Church was good. It was Back to Church Sunday so there were a lot of people there! Every week should be like that! We had a Munch and Mingle and it was really good! 

Kirkcaldy is great! I love it! I love you all! Hope you are doing good!!! ~SISTER STRIBLING

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