Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Staying in Kirkcaldy for another 6 Weeks!!!

Well GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Jackson and I will be staying together for another 6 weeks!! WOO! Let the party continue. Not really a party this week though.. I have the flu... Ew sick I know. It's no good. But I just chug Lemsip (Its nasty by the way) and try not to die. It is working out okay for me.  
    This week has been quite normal.. Have I ever said that before? Well it has... Not sure really what happened.. it's all kind of a blur.. So sorry if this e-mail is too. Well let's start off with a cute story shall we? So we were chapping the other day and we were knocking on this ladies door and we talked with her for a bit and then she told us she wasn't interested, the usual.  As we were turning to walk to our dinner appointment this little boy at the house next to hers came out of nowhere and asked us if we were gonna come to his house next. So I asked him "Do you want us to? You think we should?" He said "yes!" in the happiest little boy voice, so we did. Nothing came of it...His grandma wasn't interested at all.  They were on their way out. But I was able to learn something! Little kids are so innocent! There is definitely something special about them! He was so nice! I hope one day he can hear the message Heavenly Father has for him! He was a special little boy!

    MONDAY: Well we went to this AMAZING Fish and chip shop out in Anstruther's. It is like the best in the whole world! MM. We went there for our p-day and it was pretty fun. We ate some fish, found some seashells, ate some ice cream. Mmm. Good times! It was such a cute little fishing village! After that we came back to Kirkcaldy and we found a new park! We went to this park (Beveridge Park) It is so nice. It is right next to this little posh neighborhood, woo! SCORE! The park is like a mile wide. So we haven't got to all of it yet. We walked around it and talked to all the people walking their little Scotty dogs. Too cute. 
     TUESDAY: We went and saw "M.R" With Sister Scharff. She is doing good! She was able to come to church this last Sunday! We talked with her about different callings in the church. It was good. Had lunch, Don't remember what.. Probably cereal.. After lunch we went and tried by a few members we haven't seen in a while. None of them were in :( So sad. We will try again! Tuesday as we were walking to the Church we met this lady called "L". She was just in tears about something, so we sat and talked with her for a while. (about an hour actually). She was sad because she had been framed for something. We talked with her about the Church. I gave her a hug and a Book of Mormon and she was off on her way. Didn't get her phone number or anything so I hope she is doing better. She was really nice. We had our Book of Mormon class with Alison and John. They are so funny. It was really good. After that we had Sign Language class. We learned some phrases. I will have to show you all when I get home (: It went good and there were a few people there. We found out last week that after Sister Jackson and I leave none of the new sisters will be learning Sign language here. Kinda sad.. But the ward members will be the ones doing it, which is good because we all (sister missionaries) just leave anyway. 
    WEDNESDAY: We went and tried by this lady named "J", She wasn't in so that was sad. But we just chapped her street so that was good. After that we got on the bus and went over near Kinghorn, and we chapped some houses over there, They were really nice! We met this lady name "K". She actually had a lot of questions about the Church and why there were so many churches. She said she was in the middle of moving houses so she didn't have time to meet with us but we gave her our card and number so hopefully she will get in contact! After that we went out to Glenrothes and did some chapping with the Elders. So we figured that if all 4 of us go to one street we can finish the whole street! Great idea huh!? So that's what we did. It was good, We each pray about a street to go to and then we go and chap both streets! It was good. After we did that and had dinner we went to try by "M" and "L". They are some of our deaf friends. "L" was in, so we sat and chatted with her for a bit. Good stuff. My Sign language is getting better. Still working on it! It takes a while! I am practicing though. Hopefully soon it will just all rush into me and I will be fluent! haha but probably not... 
    THURSDAY: We did our weekly planning and then we went and taught "L" and "S". "S" wasn't feeling too good so we just met with "L" and answered some of his questions. He was asking us why we need the Book of Mormon so we read with him and helped him to understand better. We invited "L" and "S" to be Baptized on the 24th of October and they said yes! They are so great! Thursday night we had dinner with the Binnies! They are too great. Man do I say that every week!? Well it's true! One of our Investigators "E" was there too. Good stuff! 
     FRIDAY: We had our District meeting. They switched things up a little this week because the family history couple came and taught us about, well, family history. So that was good. We went chapping again with the Elders, good stuff. Got some crazy chapping stories but I don't think they are okay to send over email so someone remind me when I get home!! Haha After that we went to this cool park we found (Beveridge park). It is so cool. So we went there and talked with people about family history. That was really good! After that we went home and had dinner. Then we went and visited a member (Winnie) she was in the hospital, not feeling too good, so we went over to try to cheer her up. She should be getting out this week so she was excited! 
     SATURDAY: We went and visited "F". She is doing good as always. We made our progress record for ward coordination, that was fun. Then we went and saw "L" again with Alison Wilson. She is great! We taught "L" about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said that he and "S" want to be Baptized on the 24th, so it's great! We came home had dinner and I was dying (cause of the flu). So we stayed in and I rested. Still feeling it today but I will be okay! 
    SUNDAY: Church, it was good. Andrew didn't come so we didn't sign this Sunday. After Church we went and Visited "A". She was having a rough time this last week. We cleaned her kitchen for her and washed the floors. It made her feel better so we were happy to help! After that, we came home, had dinner and then went to visit "M.R.". She Is doing good! We talked with her about Jesus Christ. She is really so funny. She was telling us about a newt she found in her garden and how she doesn't like them but she wanted to take a picture of it so she was holding it in her hand as far away as possible so she could take the picture. Haha she's great! 
Later that night...We got Moves call/ We are staying together!! WOOOOO!!

   Well I believe that is really all of the exciting things that happened to us this last week in Kirkcaldy. So I don't know why but all of you all (except for Mama Howell and the Ashton's) have forgotten about me over here.. So if you want.... You can write me a letter ya know. I wouldn't be mad.. Just saying. Go ahead. Family home evening is a great time for it! (Did you get that dad? You all should write me letters) Well, I Love you all!!! a lot! ~SISTER STRIBLING

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