Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oh Kirkcaldy....

Us and Alison Wilson after watching General Conference Session 

So just in case any of you were wondering, Kirkcaldy is pronounced like Kir Cah Dee. Good stuff. 
Well... This week has been rather event-less so let's see what I can come up with to try and entertain you for a few minutes... Well this week we had our P day on Wednesday so that was exciting for a change.
   Monday we spent out on the streets. Talking to people that is and trying to share some happiness with them. They didn't want it..."Maybe later". We went over to the Thompson's house for Family Home Evening with our friend "E". She is so great. 
  Tuesday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEYNA! if you even read these... Also if you are reading this please send me your address. I need it.. But I lost it last time, so send it again. Thanks. You're a moose. Tuesday we went and taught "J". He is doing good. We taught him about Family History so we will be trying to help him with that. Family History is so great! I learned a few weeks back that some of our family on Grandpa Harry's side (my Mom's Dad) is from Dumfries right here in Scotland. Good stuff! It was pretty exciting! Please everyone stay calm! We also went over to Smeaton Road. We were trying to find this man but he wasn't home so we will try again this week! We had our Sign Language class and only 2 people showed up. That was just sad. Hopefully it will get better this week. 
  Wednesday- P DAY! Woo. So we went and tried to find some caves out in Wymess. But, we didn't find any. We found a cute little cave like thingy but not a real cave. Haha so funny story. Well not too funny. I am just super clumsy. So I was standing on this ledge thing. More like a slope by this overhang thing. And I don't know what happened but I totally got all off balance and I almost fell off! But luckily, I just fell down and hurt my knee a little but I was still alive! PHEW! We also took some cool pictures on this rock. So we had to go and hop like frogs on the dry rocks to get to the big rock and then monkey climb up the rock. Totally worth it. We just wanted to reenact a picture the Elders took. 
  Thursday- We did our Weekly planning that was tons of fun, (not actually) and then we had some Jamaican Jerk Chicken sandwiches for lunch courtesy of yours truly. Good Stuff. Then, we went and saw "L and S". We talked to them about what they want to do about baptism because "S" has not been feeling too good. So we are gonna hold off. We are still going to go over and share scriptures and stuff. Man, I really hope she gets to feeling better soon!! After that we went over to the Bousies house. Haha man they are so funny. I can't even put it into words. We had dinner with them when I ate my first HAGGIS. Oh man. It actually was pretty good. It wasn't as nasty as I had imagined. It was actually pretty good. 
  Friday we went and visited some Members, the Laughlins. They are doing good. They are the ones we helped with their wallpaper a few weeks back. It was pretty fun! They got a new rabbit, so that was cute! Then we went out to Dysart and saw "A" (Investigator). She wasn't feeling too good.  She had just got out of the dentist, so we will try to see her this week. We had some dinner, went out to Coaltown of Wymess, and saw "M.R." She is so good. She came to Conference on Saturday and Sunday! WOW! We found this cute little cupcake shop and so we went in and got some delicious cupcakes! mm! Salted Caramel is the best! 

  Saturday, our day was filled with eating at Frances' (Member) house in Thornton. She is the best. We talked to her about Conference and she told us if we come back to visit with our families she better be the first person on our visiting list! Then we went and watched the women's session of General Conference and the Saturday Morning session even though it was like 5pm. It was so good!! 
  Sunday, we watched Conference. It was the best. I love General Conference. It was great. 3 New Apostles!!! They are called of God! Our wonderful Prophet! He is The Lords Prophet. I was so uplifted by Conference I have learned so many things. If you don't know what I am talking about go watch it! https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng there you go. My favorite talk was by Elder Vinas. He talked about how we can become Sanctified (or Holy) We need to give up ALL of our desires and wants and do the things the Lord wants from us. It is so great to be able to find happiness and joy in keeping the commandments of the Lord. It will always bring you Happiness. You can not find joy in evil. 
I love you all!!!! I hope you have a good week! What was your favorite part of Conference!?? ~SISTER Stribling

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