Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Whole YEAR!

Forth road bridge on the Edinburgh

So here in Kirkcaldy it is FREEZING COLD. I think I am going to turn into a Popsicle pretty soon... Man I am just afraid to admit that Winter is already here and Christmas is right around the corner!! Oh man! What am I gonna do!?? I just don't know. Well off of the weather report. 
 Hit my year mark so I burned a skirt. Good times!

This week has been pretty crazy!! So we started off with a normal week,
Monday we were going to meet the Elders in Glenrothes to play football with them. So we called them and they said they would love to. So we got on the bus over there and guess what?! We forgot the phone at home!!!! haha So there we were...On the bus...Going to a park and we didn't know how to get there or where they wanted us to meet them. So we just started walking. We were walking down this road and a bus goes by and guess who was on it? The Elders! So we followed the bus and found out where they live. haha We are such good detectives! So we waited for them to come outside and they were pretty shocked that we found it! Good times! So we went to the park and we found some ducks to feed and we found this cool swing thing. So we were swinging and going on the zip-line. It was pretty fun. So we did that and played football and then we went and got ice cream. Man was that a successful day or what! I sure thought it was! After that we went over to the King family's house for Family Home Evening and for dinner. They are so cute! haha They have 3 kids and they are a hoot! Man LDS members are just the best people to be around. Quick, everyone, invite the missionaries over!! 

Tuesday we had Zone Interview training. Good stuff. So from 7 in the morning we were traveling til 9. And then our meeting was from 9:30 until like 4. Long day! So Sister Jackson and I were supposed to instruct in the meeting but we were talking to President for too long so they skipped us! Haha it was too funny. They told us we have to do it later so we will see what happens. It was going to be so good too!  So that happened and then we had some Pizza for lunch. I made like a hundred cookies, so we brought those. Don't worry we shared!! I got a box from my best friend Lilli for my birthday.  That was exciting! President made me interview some Elders, and that was funny. He is too funny, our mission President Donaldson. He said he's always got my back. And he also wanted to know where I get all of my crying from. THANKS DAD! We got back to our area and we had dinner with the Laughlin family. They made us Jambalaya.  It was so good! After that we went to sign language class and walked home. Crazy night walking home.

Wednesday we had a lesson lined up with one of our friends "J" but our Joint teach didn't show up. Haha Awkward. So there was that! but we rescheduled, so don't worry! We went and had dinner with the Bousie's family. Okay I seriously love them so much! They are SO funny! Their kids are the best. Had some yummy fajitas. Proper Scottish food this week huh?! Good stuff! So we went there and we were chapping some doors because we were a bit early. So we met this man named "D" and he was telling us ALL about his tractors and how cool they are and how old they are. He was 86 and still driving some tractors. He was telling us about all of the shows that we need to go to! Maybe one day we will go... on our way home from the bus station this evening we invited 6 people to be baptised! They all told us no! But we still invited them! Hopefully one day! 

Thursday ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!!! I don't even know.. I am seriously so sad about that! I feel like I have grown SO much. I have no Idea where I would be if I didn't come on a mission. I don't want to know!! I am so glad I have had this opportunity in my life. It is the best thing I have ever done and will probably ever do. I love it! It is so good! It's so difficult! Not many people really understand. I am so stressed, but I am so happy!! Man. I don't even know. Can I extend? PLEASE!? The other Sisters came and picked us up for a random blitz of their area so we went with them up to Dunfermline. So that was fun. We made some brownies in honor of this momentous occasion.

Friday we came back and we taught "L" with Alison (Sister Wilson) so that was good! Sister Jackson had a doctors appointment over in Edinburgh so we went there and the doctor took about 5 minutes to tell her she was fine. So that was upsetting because it took forever to get down there and back.  So then we ate some burritos and headed back home. 

Saturday, we had a ton of lessons. We saw "F", this sweet little old lady out in Thornton. She is so great. Then we saw "J".  He is 85 years young and interested in the plan of Salvation. So we taught him about that. We saw (another guy) "J" after that and we shared the Conference talk by Elder Bednar with him. That was really good too! We had Dinner and then did some paperwork at the Church. Fun stuff. Then we went out to Coal town of Wymess and saw "M W". We go and visit her every Saturday. She is too funny! 

Sunday, we had the Primary Presentation so that was good! We signed for Andrew and Us sisters and Elder Livingston and Elder Bradshaw sang a musical number in Sacrament "Called to Serve". It was scary, but none of us died, so that was good! The primary kids did sign language during one of the songs and the smile on Andrews face was huge! I seriously almost started crying. I love this work. I love the way it touches peoples hearts. I love how sweet kids are and the spirit they are able to bring! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Next week we will email normal on Monday again!! ~Sister Stribling!!

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