Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 52ish .....Woah!

Well...This has been a pretty exciting week so it has! We have traveled so much and had so many meetings and lessons and we moved flats!! WOO! 
Sisters McBride, Dias, me and Jackson.. I blinked. 

It all started out on Monday when we had our Sisters Conference. It was really good!! Sister Stewart and Sister DeMille picked us up and drove us down to Edinburgh. We had some little classes and people talking to us about everything from our personalities to how to accessorize...too funny!! I found out that my personality is very unique to say the least.. haha! Most people were spread out over, "hurry up", "be strong", "please others", "being liked" and there was another one but I don't remember (the label). But for a whopping 24/25 points, I got "be strong"! Thanks Mom. HA! It was scary accurate. We had a lesson/demonstration thingy about food and that was exciting to begin with.. And then they told us how to eat healthy, so we are practicing that! After our Sister Conference we went to see "M.R.". She is the best! Every time we go there I leave about to wet myself. She is so funny!! (Don't worry people, that was sarcastic.. I don't actually pee on myself.. that would be really gross....) 

Tuesday!!!! We had District meeting in the morning and Sister Stewart (my last companion) is in my district so it was just like old times!! Haha too good! I seriously love her so much! She is going home in 3 months!! And Sister Dias (my very 1st companion) is going home in December!! Ah All of my favorite people!! So sad! We learned about using our time wisely and how we can be more effective while we are finding and teaching people! We chapped a street called Cairn street. That was good. I don't know what time everyone is supposed to be home but everyone always seems to be out and about! We will need to find the best time! We sure do chap a lot of doors! We had our Book of Mormon class. We are on 2 Nephi 8. It's good! Read it! We also had our Sign Language class and we learned a section of Doctrine and Covenants. Exciting stuff! 

Wednesday!! We had a lesson bright and early with "J" at Sister Brown's house. Oh man, let me tell you...the Spirit was there. And it was slapping everyone in the face basically. It was so STRONG! God is real. He is there. He Listens to us, and He loves us. We have invited "J" to be baptised about 99 times now. He knows the Church is true, but he feels scared, which is totally understandable. I mean it is a HUGE decision! This last Wednesday, "J" felt the Spirit. I know he did. And he wants to be Baptised, so we are working with him to find a date that he feels good about. During the lesson, I felt the Spirit so strong. Probably the strongest I have ever felt it in my life. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church on the earth. That is true. I know it. After "J" we had some lunch and then we went with Sister Bloomfield to see "L". We read with him in Mosiah chapter 24 about trials and how we can overcome them. "L" is so wonderful. He is so prepared! He feels the spirit so much! After "L" we went and saw our friend "E" and her gran. They are both doing really well. We chatted with them and then walked home in the freezing cold rain and that was fun! It is the best when your flats are already soaked and so then you can jump in as many puddles as you want because hey, your flats are already soaked, so it doesn't make any difference! 
Me and Sister Jackson waiting on the bus that we found out our passes were expired & so we had to walk 30 minutes to our lesson and we were late! HA!

Thursday! We did some papers and we had lunch with Sister Sally Brown. She gave us Shepard's pie, lamb, gravy and potatoes. It was really good! She is so great! She is like 90 yrs young and she still does everything in her power to share the gospel! She told us about this lady down the street and told us to go by her and talk to her. So after we had lunch and I hoovered her stairs then we went and tried by this lady she told us about, "F". She is sick but she told us to come back this week, so we will! We had dinner with the Lairds, Indian food, good stuff. They are so funny! 

Side note..-Some lady just came into the church and asked me to phone the police... Then she said she was going back to the mental hospital.. she just left.. Man, Kirkcaldy is interesting. 

Friday, We got a call and were told we have a new flat! WOOO! So we had to pack all of our stuff. We saw "J" again and the lesson was really good. We brought Heather with us. She is amazing!  So we taught "J" and we packed up our flat .

Saturday, We were on Exchanges for about 6 hours. Good stuff! I was with Sister Stewart again. Ha, I love her! And we went and taught "J" again with Sister Raferty. We invited him to be baptised on November 14th, but he said he wants to wait til January... Sad stuff. We prayed with him about it and he said he would like to get a blessing. So that will be good for him! We saw "M.R." again and talked with her about 2 Nephi 32. About why we need to pray and all that good stuff. She is wonderful! Then after that, we got all moved into our new flat. That was good! 
Me and 2 of the Bousie's kids. 

SUNDAY! Fast and Testimony. Always a good time. We went to the Bousies home for dinner after Church. Man, I Love them! They are so fun! We made them some brownies! (thanks for the baking stuff in my box ma and pa (; ) 

This week has sure been crazy and crawled by so fast! I love it! I love you all and hope you are well!! ~Sister Stribling

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  1. I love looking at your blog! what a treat and surprise this time to see my daughter in your picture! (sister McBride) It was so nice to read about your women's conference. Sister McBride didn't get a chance for much of an email. It was fun to hear all about it and see what a great asset to the Lords army all of you girls are! I just love it. Keep on keeping on, you sisters ROCK! sister McBride has a blog as well... servingassisters.blogspot.com