Monday, November 16, 2015


The 3 ferry Sisters! Me, Sister Skagen, and Sister Muller 

Well. Let me tell you I thought Kirkcaldy was cold.. WHOA it is freezing here! And rainy. Way more rainy than ever before in my life. Well this computer is old and crazy so I might have to make this one short for the sake of actually getting it sent! 
   So on Monday back in Kirkcaldy we went and saw some people and said bye. Then we went and had Dinner with "J" and Heather Thompson came with us. "J" is so wonderful. I am so excited to hear about his baptism and all that good stuff! Oh man I sure do miss everything in Kirkcaldy! But...I do like it here in Bangor so that's good too!
 The bridge..... In Kirkcaldy
 Me and Alison WIlson (: love her! 

   Tuesday was more of running around with our heads chopped off trying to talk to people and finish everything so we could leave at 6. Sister Raferty came and helped us move some chairs into the flat and took us to dinner and to the train station. It was so nice of her! We got on a train to Dundee and then I left Sister Jackson there and got on another train to Edinburgh. Then from the train station Sister DeMille and I walked to the Sisters flat. I am surprised we found it! Well, we walked to the Mission home and then got a lift to the flat. We didn't even get lost! Go team! 

   Wednesday was so much travelling! We got on a bus at like 7 and then we got to the ferry and had a 3 hour Ferry journey. It wasn't actually that bad!!! Thanks for all of your prayers...they worked! I didn't even get sick! So we got to Belfast, took another train to Bangor, and the stake resident picked us up at the station and took us home. The members are so good it's exciting to be here! We walked around the city and tried to get lost so that we could find some new ways to get around. Then we called everyone in our area book and 2 of them said we can see them this week. So that is exciting! 
 Cool kids on the Ferry. Me & Sister Skagen and Elders Perkes, Carmichael, Jaroz, Yip

As we were walking into the city on Saturday I got this feeling that we needed to go and chap a certain street, so I told Sister Prescott and we went. No one was interested! Until we got to the very last door and met an old guy in a run down house with broken down cars all around it. He had met missionaries before and told us we could come back again! Then Saturday night we were trying to find out where some members lived, (the Harkness' family) because we were having dinner with them. Well we found it and had like 30 minutes, so we decided to chap some more. The second door we chapped on, this lady let us in! She told us about how she had lost her husband last year and how she wanted to see him again. So we taught her and she told us we could come back in a week. It was so exciting! She is wonderful! 

Here in Bangor it's good! So it is! Everything is new and exciting! I'm just trying to get the hang of this whole thing. Wish me luck! Thank you for your prayers! I love you all!! 
~Sister Stribling

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