Monday, November 23, 2015

I met an Apostle!!! Elder M. Russell Ballard

I AM SICK!! I might die. Okay, I wont die...but I am sick. Sister Thompson bought me some medicine, like a ton of medicine. So that should help me! I will survive everyone...don't worry!!
Well, let's just jump right to the point of this whole email this week...I met Elder M. Russell Ballard of the quorum of the 12 Apostles in Dublin, Ireland. He shook BOTH of my hands!!! Woah...Watch out! I am his favorite. I know it. 

---Ha funny insert story--I was talking to President Donaldson at lunch time on Saturday and told him, "Hey President, sometimes I tell people I am your favorite just to make them jealous. And he said, "Sister Stribling I do the same thing." Haha too funny huh?! end of funny story---

 I love Irish rainbows!!!!!!!

Elder Ballard is so funny! He is such a nice man! I am so happy that I had the opportunity to be here in Ireland and to meet him. It was great! He told us many things like ways we can become better teachers, and it has really inspired me. I mean can we all just think about it for a second...every day we teach people. I don't care who you are, where you are, WHAT you are, You are a teacher, at least that's what I (Sister Stribling) think. If you think otherwise, let me know why.  So, I teach people about Jesus Christ and how they can know him personally and how through him they can return and live with their family forever. Even though we may teach well and people can understand us, things seem to be going alright, I mean, people get baptised. So, I am not the worst teacher because they understand, but, I can always be better. So that is my goal. I need to be a better teacher! I am working on it! Studying things out more and really understanding what it is that I am supposed to do. It might take a while but it's a start. 

One thing that we were invited to do is to bind ourselves. It was really interesting actually. Elder Kearon of the Seventy talked to us about it and how we need to be willing to act. He said we can feel the spirit and if we do not act, it will leave, and those feelings will disappear. The spirit invites us to change and to do. It is a good thing to do. Think about how many times a day we feel the spirit and how many times do we ignore it? I know I do it all the time!!! It is so easy!  But, as I have been trying to notice the spirit talking to me more, I have been feeling a lot better about when we are out talking to people on the street and really just in everything! It's great! Do it! 

This week we haven't really done much, we had our exchanges with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) in Dublin. So that was fun. Sister Wagner also came over to Dublin so I got to see her. She is great ahah! Being at the MTC with her was the best! Yesterday...I hit my 13 month mark.... EW! That is horrible and it makes me so sad! I am never coming home! Sorry Mom and Dad. (; Anyway, we took a forever long journey on a bus back up to Bangor. haha Busses are so bad! There is no way to sleep comfortable on a bus. I have tried every single way! No Hope.

Sunday night, we had dinner with the Elders in our District. They are alright... they can be lame sometimes but we are whipping them into shape. Haha, if you can call it that! No just kidding! They are actually really great! They help us out a lot! So, yeah, I think that is about all of our adventures for this week... Um...I have been having some pretty crazy dreams lately.. need to stop drinking hot chocolate before bed.. hahaha 

Hey, I love you all!! Be good!! WRITE TO ME OR I WILL be sad.. 

Sister Cedara Stribling
4 Ava House
244 Clandeboye Road
Bangor BT19 1QB
Northern Ireland
My favorite kind of Sunsets!! All pink.

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