Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sick, Adventurous, Rainy, Cold. I love it.

Mini Mish Reunion Pic "borrowed" from Azariah McCarthy-Kelly's fb profile page
Sister Kelly in the middle lives in Limerick & served a mini-mission in Glasgow last year @ this time when Sister Stribling broke her toe shortly after entering the SIM mission field.  Her first companion Sister Dias and current companion Sister Prescott are shown here at a recent gathering/conference.  We are all blessed to have Azariah and her family for all that they do to help the SIM missionaries!

Well, I have just accepted the sad fact that I will probably be sick all winter. Oh well. Let's move on. So this last week had been kinda crazy. In between of being sick and trying to rest, we have been pretty busy. On Monday... we didn't do too much. One of the members of the mission presidency came over to our flat for a visit.. Fun stuff. Did I tell you that last week?! I can never remember these things!! 

Okay hold on one second. ALL of the Elders have yelled at me because last week I called them lame in my blog/email. Dear Everyone reading this...if you have an Elder here in Bangor Northern Ireland.. Sometimes they are lame.. It's true.. Other times they are really nice and helpful. Sometimes they send us on wild goose chases to find them ping pong balls. They are all crazy.. That's that. Sometimes they bring chocolate to our front door when we tell them to, other times they drive by and laugh at us when we are drowning in the rain. But really, they're great. 

Okay so back to Monday, We went on a wild chase to find the Elders some ping pong balls because that is what they wanted to do for p-day. Fun stuff. I am horrible at ping pong btw. They are really good though. They just don't want me to play because I cheat too much. HA! Fair enough. We had dinner with the elders and we went over to the Bleakley's house, on Maxwell road! I took a picture for mom (Mom's family name) but I forgot my camera at home today.. so no pics today...hopefully next week.

Tuesday we had our District meeting. Good stuff! our District leader, Elder Perkes, he is so good! Seriously! He helps us out so much! But, I don't know whether it's because he wants to or because our mission president makes them be nice to us.. Haha no just kidding! He really takes time to do things that help us out a ton! Like this week we did Finding in the city with them. I don't know what is different about it but it is just different. They were in shock because a man with ear phones in stopped and talked to us and we were in shock because they are really dang good at stopping people. Things to learn. We got hot chocolate with them because they were feeling down a bit and asked me how I deal with it, to which I replied, Chocolate! Chocolate is the answer to everything.  Had dinner with Lisa Crawford.

Wednesday we went and taught our friend "J", with Sister Lisa Crawford. It was good. We read in Alma Chapter 32 with him. He is going to try to pray for help to gain faith. He is definitely an interesting person! That's for sure!! He's great. After that I was about to fall over dead so Sister Crawford took us home and I had to sleep. She is so sweet though!!! She went and got me soup and tissues and orange juice and medicine!! SHE IS SO LOVELY! I was just in awe when I found that out. Had dinner with the Coulters.

Thursday, turkey day. No turkey :( oh man...I will have to double up next year (; haha! We went out and we tried by a TON of people who used to be taught by missionaries. Good stuff, but none of them were interested, as per usual. We Had dinner with the Peacock family and they are great. Their son is coming home off his mission soon so they are all excited about that. Man...I don't even want to think about going home! Mom, Dad, I am never coming home. sorry. 

Friday, we went to Newtownards and painted "Z's" house for her. So much fun! We got paint all over ourselves. 

Saturday, we had coordination and then we went to Newtownards with the Elders and did finding out there.
Sunday, Church was so good. There was talks all about the Europe area plan, bringing a friend, becoming self reliant, and finding an ancestor, So good! We had lunch with the Bowen's, they are from South Africa. They are so funny. And we had Dinner with the Harkness' and Brother Harkness was telling us all about his crazy mission stories! So funny. 

Hey, I love you all!!!!! Lots! And I hope that you are all doing well!! My ponderizing scripture this week is Alma 37:17....go read it and ponder on it.... 
The Lord will always remember us!! No matter what! love you!!!!!! ~Sister Stribling    

(Don't forget to write a missionary!  Do It!  please)

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