Sunday, February 7, 2016

Goodbye Bangor!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Bangor 2...

MOVES CALL!!!!!!!!! Okay everyone! Are you ready for this!!??? I am moving to...... Bangor 2nd ward. wooo! HOW EXCITING HUH? A whole 20 minutes down the road. haha this is definitely the craziest moves I have had.. But we will be switching flats with the Elders so that's exciting! Yay!
I drew all of our district as dinosaurs. HA! it is so good. 

Okay now let's see what has happened this last week. Hmm. Well, we had exchanges, like double exchanges. Sister DeMille and Sister Wagner came over form Edinburgh and Sister Wilkinson and Sister Skousen came up from Dublin and we blitzed Bangor. It was crazy!!! We did finding all day! like 12 hours of street contacting. As usual no one really wanted to talk to us so that was lame... but we did it! So in our flat we have a kitchen table in our living room with 6 chairs around it. And since we moved here in November it has been my dream to fill it. Now, frankly it is impossible because the Elders aren't allowed in our house, But, 6 SISTERS ARE! My dream came true! Yay! I am such a nerd.. ha oh well.
The little harbor by the town center here in Bangor
And uh... SO, my boots died this week. Got some new ones. hmm anything else exciting... It snowed again! I was running around trying to catch them, haha such a child. And then it was sunny for like 2 whole days! CRAZY! Well here are some pictures of this week
here in Bangor it is so windy!! Crazy stuff!

SNOW! it was such a good day!

Well everyone, Life's good. I love you all! here's my new address:
Sister Stribling
54 Church avenue
BT20 3EG 
Northern Ireland.
send me letters!
Mom note:  So I failed to post weekly blogs for Sister Stribling for quite a few weeks now (for many personal reasons) but I apologize and will be posting them backwards as best as I can...
Please note that she is currently in Northern Ireland and has just been "moved".  Her return date is in 9 weeks from Tuesday on 4/12/16.

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