Monday, February 8, 2016

BANGOR 2! Good stuff

Mine and Sister Prescott's last picture! 
WOOO! YEAH> WOO!  How's it going? I am good. (: 
So... this week in the freezing cold mission of Sister Stribling, we can start with 
Cleaned, packed some stuff to move flats because we have traded with the Elders. haha so funny. Their flat was closer to my new area so it only makes sense! Good stuff. So, we did that. Emailed, Went to see some members because both of us were leaving. Did some finding in the city, well actually in the town center. 
Ben Peacock and me

We went and saw the Peacocks. They are the bomb. We went and had dinner with the Coulters, they are too cool. Yeah that's about it. Well, did more finding in the town and that's good stuff. Chapped some doors, but no luck. 
look at our fridge! Aint she pretty! so much happiness
MOVES DAY! WOO! So we got up, cleaned the flat, packed it all up, and then at 9 am Margaret Watson came and got us to take us to Belfast. SHE IS AMAZING> I LOVE HER> Even though she thinks I am a silly sausage. We hung out with her, went to lunch, it was the bomb. American breakfast, mhmm.  Then we went grocery shopping and got all the stuff we needed. Then we came home, said bye to Margaret, packed and cleaned and ate cold pizza and waited for the Elders to come move all the stuff to our new house (: Such helpful Elders they are! So now in our district it's just us and the Elders. 4 people. haha smallest possible district. First time for everything I guess. Just us Sisters and Elder Allred and Elder Richards. We might keep them for a little bit, because they help us out!
me and Sister Stevenson
I got Sister Stevenson and we have settled into our new area (BANGOR 2) rather nicely...ish. I can't believe I am whitewashing two areas in a row. Crazy stuff! The Lord knows why, and I sure as heck don't! We met with our ward mission leader, Bro. Macdonald. He is so funny hahaha it's great. Then we had dinner with his son Roy and his wife Andra, they are so nice! 
Did our weekly planning, did some finding around our new area, got lost. Traveled to Dublin because we had an All Ireland meeting. Good Stuff. Man, how crazy is it that our mission does that. We are so lucky! 
call me crazy but I would not take a bath in there.. Way too cold.

On the way home from Dublin
ALL IRELAND> We had a General Authority come and visit us. Elder Hallstrom and Elder Obando came with him. They are both so nice! Elder Hallstrom is from Hawaii, so that was cool. I was talking with him about it. Really all everyone talked about is how we need to prepare for when we are home and having kids and stuff. And also how we are all children of God. It's true! We are so special! I hope you all know that. God is actually there. He really hears you. He will answer you. I know he will! 
Then after the conference we came back on the train.  We actually we missed our train and had to wait for an hour and a half.. blah. When we got back we met with the Bishop and his family and had dinner with them. They are so wonderful! We helped them at the church to set up chairs and stuff so that was fun! 
feeding pigeons in the train station

posh train!!
First Sunday at the new ward. Sister Stevenson and I were invited to share our Testimonies (: My testimony is all about families. We have one, we belong. We can be together forever. for Eternity, and beyond! When we are sealed in the Temple, we have the ability to be with our spouse forever! Never settle for less! I love being able to be here and to talk with people about how they can enjoy these blessings! After church we went and met some families in the ward and we chapped some doors. There was a big rugby match going on at the same time so no one answered. Sad Stuff. So then we walked around the town, met a man named Mark, and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He said he actually had one in his bedside table to respect us. haha I said "Well Mark... look respecting us by doing that is great, but it's not gonna help you at all if it's sitting in your drawer, s go read it!" haha he said he would and so we gave him our number and it will be great! 
Hey, I love you all! You are so great! Keep pushing forward! Be good! <3 Sister Stribling

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