Monday, January 26, 2015

Guess who's going to Ireland? Not Me!

So we got moves calls. AND Sister Dias is leaving me! SO sad. I don.t know what I am going to do without her. Probably die. This week we had was pretty great! we met a lot of new people and we are teaching 2 new people this week. well maybe 3.. HOPEFULLY! I have faith so it will happen. My new companion is coming over from Ireland on Wednesday. Everything is going pretty great over here in Glasgow! We have been chapping a lot of doors lately and we met a super cool family, the Fathers name is Claud and he invited us back on Monday so that will be great! 
I am excited to stay here in Glasgow another transfer(6 weeks) and see what the Lord has in store for this area. It's going to be so great! I really do love being a missionary! This week I got so many great questions while I was studying and I am stoked to try and find the answers and hopefully people around me will be able to help too! Being a missionary really is the best thing in the whole world! I have also been doing a lot of Family History work which is SO GREAT! I love it! Finding out cool people you're related to! Well I hope that you all are doing Super awesome! I really do love you all! ~Sister Stribling <3

Farewell to Sis Dias (going to Ireland)  I will miss her a LOT!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Back in Glasgow...FOREVER (I hope)

SO!!!! Guess who's back in GLASGOW! WOO HOO! Guess what, I love Glasgow. I love it so much. If Glasgow was a baby, I would be it's Mommy because I love it so much. I'm not sure what I meant by that one...  BUT, I love it. So much. 
 Baby Snowman I made at the Mission office in Edinburgh

Well- this week has been so great! I left the mission office on Wednesdaand I am not looking back! There is really some type of change after you are out of it for 2 weeks and then you get back; you just want to do everything possible. And boy do I! I am so excited for the things the Lord has planned for Glasgow! Because they're gonna be great! This week we got our first good amount of snow, and it was so beautiful! for the first 10 minutes, then I was over it. Sister Dias on the other hand, she is still going crazy about the snow and how nice it is, throwing ice balls at each other (The snow melted and refroze so it's horrible now) But she is having fun with it so I can deal with it! 
This week we had exchanges with the Sister training leaders and I stayed here in Glasgow with Sister Johnson. It was pretty fun! We went chapping on doors and we met with Pierre (He is still awesome by the way) Then we were going to meet with Michael but we got delayed by the snow! IT WAS CRAZY! We were in the car (because our zone leaders, Elder Massey and Elder Stewart are so nice to drive us) for over an hour and a half! When the drive usually takes about 10 minutes. CRAZY! So we had to cancel on Michael because we were so late. Saddest part of the whole week. But while we were driving, well not really driving because the cars in front of us were at a complete stop... we got out and had a mini snowball fight. Haha in the middle of the horrible traffic. So much fun! We were waving at everyone and trying to get them to join us but no one wanted to. Smart because we would have destroyed them anyway. But it was a good time. So Instead of eating dinner we just had the worlds best snowball fight. When we were exchanging back at the train station we ended up feeding the Pigeons a donut and there were so many of them! Just flying at our faces trying to steal the donut. Silly birds.

Well we made the biggest snowman also, it was a good 7 feet tall. I think... It was so beautiful. We named him Elder White. HAHA good one huh?! Well that snowman was so big we couldn't even lift up  the second part of his body, but! We stopped and said a prayer, and then BAM 5 minutes later there we were lifting a 500 pound ball of snow up in place for his body. WOO! AMAZING. 
 Pierre, Sis Dias, Sis Stribling & Elder White

When we were chapping doors this week we met a man who was telling us to be careful of people that just want to talk, because they aren't really interested, He proceeded to tell us this for a good 15 minutes.  Haha we found out that he was one of those people. Talk talk talk, he was really nice though! While Sister Dias and I were walking to the bus stop on Saturdaywe had to run because we thought we were going to miss the bus.  Well she didn't know how to run on snow and she ended up falling and hitting her elbow. This man walking by came to make sure we were okay and we started to talk to him. His name is Ed and he is from Gambia (I think that's how it's spelled. it's in Africa) Well long story short there was no bus for 30 minutes so we just kept talking and I invited him to church and he came!! WOOO! Now we will begin to teach him! It's amazing really. The whole time we talked to him he kept saying he doesn't know why he changed his mind tonight because usually when people talk to him about religion he would tell them no and that he didn't want to hear about it. But he said that when we talked to him, he felt really good about it and he felt happy! He is so nice! So hopefully everything will go well with him. 
Well, this week has been something else, but I sure do love being a Missionary. I love it so much! I love everything about it.. Most of the time (; I hope you all are having a good week! Remember-The best thing to do is to write a letter. But sadly I don't know anyone's address. SO in order for me to write to you, You need to write to me. Haha good one again huh (self knucks) I LOVE YOU! ~~SISTER STRIBLING 

Monday, January 12, 2015

This week in the exciting mission of Sister Stribling...

   This week was not super exciting, Not much happened. So I don't have a ton to write about today. Since I have been in the Mission office working it has been such a great experience. I stay with Sister Ferguson and Sister Wagar and they really just help me to feel happy and uplifted. I am so grateful for them and the time that I have now to be with them. They are such a HUGE help to me! My toe has been healing so fast! I am really amazed at how much the Lord has been helping me in this. 
   This week I went to the Scotland West conference for the Mission. We had 3 Zones there, I saw Sister Wagner too!(My MTC companion) So it was pretty much the best thing ever. We had lessons and talks from our leadership and they must really be inspired by the Lord because it is always something that we need to hear. No doubt about it. 
   This last week on my mission has been so amazing to me. I have had so much time to study and to read my scriptures and to grow so much spiritually in such a short amount of time! I am amazed at the things the Lord accomplishes in his timing. This week it seemed like I lost...everything (my name tag, my wallet) I lost my name tag and I looked everywhere! I looked in my suitcases, in my drawers, on my coat, in the laundry, EVERYWHERE. And I couldnt find it. Well I said to myself, "hey Sister Stribling, Don,t be dumb, pray about it". Well so I did. And the whole time I was saying my prayer all I thought about was under the bed, under the bed, under the bed. And I said to myself, Well I don't know what will be different about under the bed this time I look but okay. And there it was. Right under the bed. Amazing. A few days before that my watch (that Cypee gave me, Thanks so much Cypee. I use it every single day!) Well it got switched to 24 hour, so instead of saying 2pm it said 1400 and it was driving me CRAZY! So before I went to bed I prayed and asked for help with this wach(Now let me tell you, I tried to fix it for 2 days straight! I pressed so many buttons and tried everything it seemed like but nothing worked.) So after I said my prayer and hopped in bed i looked down at the watch, pressed two buttons and BAM! It was fixed. I know that the Lord answered these prayers for me. Because there's no way I could have done it on my own. Well maybe I could have but it would have taken me about 93 years. 
 Visit to the Stirling Castle
 Sitting on the Thrones in the Great Hall (Me & Sis Ferguson)
 What's for dinner? 
Chapping on the King's door...No luck :-(

   So other than being SO uplifted this week we also went to a CASTLE!  to the Stirling Castle. IT WAS WAY COOL! If you don't know (like I was before we got there) King James the VI lived here and he was the one that did the King James Bible. It was so neat to see everything there and to soak up all the history. Scotland has such rich amazing history and being able to be in the same place where these people were so many years before is just amazing to me. After we got back to the flat(apartment) we watched the documentary on the King James Bible. That was cool to see all the places we were at earlier in the day. 
   Well, that's all the neat experiences I can think of that I had for this week. Stay tuned for more of the exciting mission of Sister Stribling after this short week long break~~ The Church is TRUE! Guess what!- You can be with your family FOREVER! Wouldnt that be great! I love you all and hope that you're having a super great and fantastic week! LOVE Sister Stribling

Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh the joys of broken toes and Edinburgh~

SOOOO, This week as most of yous know I have been away from my area (super sad I know, trust me.) I miss it so much :( I Miss my ward and the people and everything! ESPECIALLY my companion, Sister Dias.
[mom note: She broke her toe @ Christmas and had doctors orders to stay off her foot for 5-6 weeks. So she was moved from Glasgow back to the mission office in Edinburgh to recover]
Well, I have been staying with 2 Sisters, Sister Wagar and Sister Ferguson and they are so sweet! They are always so nice and sweet to me! Always making me food and talking to me, teaching me how to sew scripture covers (which are SO CUTE). We have gotten so close in the 5 days we have been together its crazy! They're great.
     On Wednesday we made pizza at the Sisters flat for new years eve and we played pick up sticks and played with balloons, it was too much fun. Thursday and Friday we stayed in because I am not allowed to walk anywhere :(It's sad- I know) But my toes are getting better so hopefully they will speed up even more!! I Hope. I'm praying hard that's for sure.
     On Saturday we went to the Falkirk Wheel-Its a place where the Canal is. They use it to lift and drop boats (Passenger boats, or boats with goods, trade items) from the higher part of the Canal to the Lower part. It is actually really interesting! We took lots of pictures. We also saw these Huge metal horse's-I am totally drawing a blank as to their name...- and we also saw HIGHLAND COOS! Now I know you all are super confused right now, So let me explain what this means. It's a COW. With long orange hair (Orange if its a girl and black if its a boy- we came to that conclusion it might not be correct its just our guess.) And they are so cute! Sister Ferguson was TOO excited when we saw them while we were driving so then Sister Wagar turned the car around and we got out and went to see them, I fed one of them a pear and it let us pet him. Then I had to take a quick selfie with him (quick because I was afraid it was going to lick my face or something gross like that) but it was so neat! 
     Sunday was fast Sunday, and this week I really felt the spirit strong. I KNOW that my problems and concerns are something that the Lord cares about. I had some questions that I got answered so clearly. I was really amazed. I met all new people in the Edinburgh ward, They are pretty nice too, It might just be a Scotland thing- I talked with a few of them and they're so sweet! Everyone is just so great! 
     Today I am fixing papers to make a board of all the missionaries in our whole mission so that President can see who is where. It's pretty interesting how all this stuff works. 
     Well I hope that each of you are doing AMAZING. Just know- Heavenly Father knows the concerns of our hearts, and they are important to him. He wants to help us as much as he can. But we need to be willing to work on it and to ask for help. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Feel free to write me a letter so I don't go crazy here. I would love it! The Church IS TRUE!  

Selfie with the HIghland Cow