Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh the joys of broken toes and Edinburgh~

SOOOO, This week as most of yous know I have been away from my area (super sad I know, trust me.) I miss it so much :( I Miss my ward and the people and everything! ESPECIALLY my companion, Sister Dias.
[mom note: She broke her toe @ Christmas and had doctors orders to stay off her foot for 5-6 weeks. So she was moved from Glasgow back to the mission office in Edinburgh to recover]
Well, I have been staying with 2 Sisters, Sister Wagar and Sister Ferguson and they are so sweet! They are always so nice and sweet to me! Always making me food and talking to me, teaching me how to sew scripture covers (which are SO CUTE). We have gotten so close in the 5 days we have been together its crazy! They're great.
     On Wednesday we made pizza at the Sisters flat for new years eve and we played pick up sticks and played with balloons, it was too much fun. Thursday and Friday we stayed in because I am not allowed to walk anywhere :(It's sad- I know) But my toes are getting better so hopefully they will speed up even more!! I Hope. I'm praying hard that's for sure.
     On Saturday we went to the Falkirk Wheel-Its a place where the Canal is. They use it to lift and drop boats (Passenger boats, or boats with goods, trade items) from the higher part of the Canal to the Lower part. It is actually really interesting! We took lots of pictures. We also saw these Huge metal horse's-I am totally drawing a blank as to their name...- and we also saw HIGHLAND COOS! Now I know you all are super confused right now, So let me explain what this means. It's a COW. With long orange hair (Orange if its a girl and black if its a boy- we came to that conclusion it might not be correct its just our guess.) And they are so cute! Sister Ferguson was TOO excited when we saw them while we were driving so then Sister Wagar turned the car around and we got out and went to see them, I fed one of them a pear and it let us pet him. Then I had to take a quick selfie with him (quick because I was afraid it was going to lick my face or something gross like that) but it was so neat! 
     Sunday was fast Sunday, and this week I really felt the spirit strong. I KNOW that my problems and concerns are something that the Lord cares about. I had some questions that I got answered so clearly. I was really amazed. I met all new people in the Edinburgh ward, They are pretty nice too, It might just be a Scotland thing- I talked with a few of them and they're so sweet! Everyone is just so great! 
     Today I am fixing papers to make a board of all the missionaries in our whole mission so that President can see who is where. It's pretty interesting how all this stuff works. 
     Well I hope that each of you are doing AMAZING. Just know- Heavenly Father knows the concerns of our hearts, and they are important to him. He wants to help us as much as he can. But we need to be willing to work on it and to ask for help. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Feel free to write me a letter so I don't go crazy here. I would love it! The Church IS TRUE!  

Selfie with the HIghland Cow

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