Monday, January 26, 2015

Guess who's going to Ireland? Not Me!

So we got moves calls. AND Sister Dias is leaving me! SO sad. I don.t know what I am going to do without her. Probably die. This week we had was pretty great! we met a lot of new people and we are teaching 2 new people this week. well maybe 3.. HOPEFULLY! I have faith so it will happen. My new companion is coming over from Ireland on Wednesday. Everything is going pretty great over here in Glasgow! We have been chapping a lot of doors lately and we met a super cool family, the Fathers name is Claud and he invited us back on Monday so that will be great! 
I am excited to stay here in Glasgow another transfer(6 weeks) and see what the Lord has in store for this area. It's going to be so great! I really do love being a missionary! This week I got so many great questions while I was studying and I am stoked to try and find the answers and hopefully people around me will be able to help too! Being a missionary really is the best thing in the whole world! I have also been doing a lot of Family History work which is SO GREAT! I love it! Finding out cool people you're related to! Well I hope that you all are doing Super awesome! I really do love you all! ~Sister Stribling <3

Farewell to Sis Dias (going to Ireland)  I will miss her a LOT!!

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