Monday, February 2, 2015

New and Exciting adventure of Sister Stribling and Sister Riesen!

Well, you win some you lose some, and with my new Companion Sister Riesen, I sure won! She is pretty great! (So far) we get along pretty great. We are almost like twinsies (sorry Cype). So, first I will answer all of these crazy questions I got from mom.... Sheesh!

Inquiring minds want to read about 
1) Who is your new companion?Sister Riesen,She is from Switzerland.She's been out for about 7 months now.
2) How are you getting along with finding and teaching investigators?Teaching is going good. Finding will be going better once we actually find someone.... 
3) How are things coming with your newly baptized and newly reactivated and other people you have been working on strengthening their faith & testimony? Michael is super great. (newly baptized) He is just really amazing, Same with Faith (Rachel is her second name) (investigator) These people here are all just really amazing and inspiring to me. Pierre is so great too! (investigator) He helps us out so much! We just love them all so much!

Parents want to know
1) How's the toe healing process coming along?  Are you totally good to walk around or does it still hurt?  Only hurts if we are running to the bus. haha So it is getting a lot better.
2) Are you still living in a flat with the other sister companions? How's that coming along?  Are you girls getting along ok? Do you get along with you new companion ok? We are still in the flat with the other sisters. It is going okay. We have fun. It just takes long to get ready in the morning with 4 girls in there. My new companion is lovely! She is great. I am excited for this transfer!
So there are my answers. Hehe. 

   Well this week was pretty great, We met a Nun. We knocked on her door and she invited us in and asked us to come back again and to talk to her more. So that's exciting! While we were fasting yesterday we dedicated it to Rachel (Our investigator). She has been taught for a while now but her Mom didn't want her to be baptized (She is 18) So we fasted for her. On Sunday nights we get a call from our District leader(The Elder that kinda looks over the area we are assigned to) and we were talking to him when Rachel called us. I thought it was a little weird because she always text's us so I thought to just call her back after. But I answered her phone call and that is when she told us that she felt something during that day as we fasted together. She told us that she wants to be baptized. So we are planning it for two weeks from now. She will be Baptized and she couldn't be happier. She is honestly such a sweet girl. She will do so many amazing things in her life! 
   Other than that this week has been pretty normal. I was able to give a talk at Allinune's Baptism on Saturday about the Holy Ghost(I love giving surprise talks...not.) But I was happy to help the Elders out with that. This transfer is going to be a good one. I can already feel it! Can you believe I have been out for almost 4 months! It's crazy! Oh my goodness. where did the time go? I love Scotland so much, Glasgow especially. Heavenly Father is there for us, Whenever we are ready to talk with him. He will always be listening. I love you all! Hope that you are doing well!

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