Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Crazy Crazy Glasgow...I love you!

So this week in the exciting mission of Sister Stribling... Not much seemed to happen. We had a few people cancel on us :( that's the worst! It is really so sad! But everyone has to choose for themselves.
   On Monday we didn't do too many exciting things. We had our P-day and played volleyball at the church and then we had Family Home Evening so that was fun. We played a game called what if... And so what you do is write a what if question on a piece of paper, throw that paper into the middle. Everyone grabs a different paper and then answers it. Throw it back in and grab a new one again. And then one person reads the question on theirs and the person to the Right answers it with the answer on theirs. It sounds weird and confusing but it was pretty fun! 
   Tuesday we had our district meeting and it was pretty good! It is always better if people are participating though.. Haha oh well. Tuesday was pancake day! So for dinner all the missionaries met at the church building for dinner and we had pancakes! It was pretty great! but it takes a while to feed everyone when there is only one working pan and everyone just wants to eat pancakes. Haha but in the end everything was okay. 
   Wednesday we went to a baptism for Lin Jun. The Chinatown Elders were teaching him and he was baptized on Chinese New year! Pretty cool huh!? After the baptism we tried to find a less active guys house and we got super lost and ended up in Dumbarton. It was a good adventure though! It took us forever to get back home from there though.. 
   Thursday we had Exchanges with our Sister Training leaders but I was sick and so we didn't do a lot. We had dinner with the McLaughlin family and then we went to volleyball with some investigators and recent converts and members. It was pretty good! 
   Friday and Saturday we tried to see some people but they cancelled and so we met with Sister Kennedy (Less Active) and we will see her again tomorrow.  It was a good thing that we went to see her. She can always use some visits! 
   Sunday at church was very good and uplifting as always so that was good! 
Well that was how this week went! Over all it was pretty good! I Love Glasgow so much and I am looking forward to the rest of the time I have here so much! I hope that everything is going great for you all! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! SISTER STRIBLING
transfer day (3 wks ago..sorry so late with pic)
Here swan, swan, swan..eat some bread


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