Monday, February 9, 2015

Week?! So, I got a concussion on Monday and lost track...

So, this week was kind of boring... Probably because I was on couch rest (Haha get it? because we don't have bed..) for most of it. So on Monday night I got a concussion and we went to the Emergency room for like 5 hours with our Zone leaders. But the Hospital didn't do anything. They just  told me to rest, so I did.  
(Mom note:  Sis Stribling and her companion had to move out of their "flat" several weeks ago and have been "crashing" on the other sister missionaries couch.  She slipped and fell on ice when she was running to her apartment on Monday night)

We met with Rachel again and she will be baptized on Sunday.  We are really so excited for her! It is going to be so great! This week we were able to meet a few new people to talk with, one name Mohammed, we met with him and invited him to come to church with his family so hopefully he will come next Sunday

We went to McDonald's with the Zone leaders and the guy behind the counter started to talk to me about my badge and so I talked with him and invited him to church too! So hopefully he will. When I gave him our phone number he probably thought I was really weird.. haha but whatever it takes! We should probably go back and try to find him again. 

Sister Riesen and I are doing good. She is able to handle all of my craziness and so that is good! I sure do love her, she is great! We get along pretty good! We are still in the middle of a house search for us. Things are looking up, we might be able to move this week! We will be praying really hard for sure! The other sisters that we are staying with are really great though, we have so much fun together and so its not a bad deal that we have. Just in the morning times it gets a little hectic.

Mission life is pretty great! EVERYONE SHOULD GO ON A MISSION! The amount of blessings that I have been able to see on my mission has been amazing! God is really there. He will listen to you at any time of the day. With any problem that you may have. He is there. He cares. He loves you! 

Yesterday(Sunday) we had a "Meeting" called Mormon messages. We bring our investigators and members with us and we all go to the Brownings flat (Our Senior couple over the YSA) and watch a Mormon message and talk about it and it is really a great time. Well I was having some problems yesterday, not major ones, just some questions really. And the talk that we watched was from Elder Holland, talking about the story in Mark chapter 5, where this mans daughter was dead and he went to Jesus for help. The verse that he focused on was verse 36, that says "be not afraid, Only believe" This is exactly the thing that I needed to hear. 

When we are able to trust God with all of our hearts, to give him all of our problems, to be open and humble enough to ask for help, he will always be there for us. He is really our Father. He doesn't want any of us to be wandering lost. He will always provide a way for us to receive any help that we may stand in need of. 
I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! ~SISTER STRIBLING~

We fed the swans this week

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