Monday, August 31, 2015

My Week in Kirkcaldy

Sister Jackson and I (:

   Well Sorry about last week and the emailing fiasco. Man Good word Sister Stribling. So what happened was I had it all typed up and I was just about to send it and then BAM! The computer logged me right off! RUDE HUH!? So I just sat there in shock for a good 5 minutes and then cried just thinking about how my mom is gonna have a few choice words for me this week..... I AM SORRY!!!! I have repented and changed!!!! I promise. So now for the good stuff... 
We SAW DOLPHINS!!!!!! I have a video of them but it won't send so you will have to wait for 8 months. 
There were 3 of them just jumping all around!

   Well this week we sure did a lot of things!! First off on Monday we went to this place called Elie and we did a chain walk! So for this chain walk thing there are huge chains stuck into the sides of these rocks and people go there and climb up them and go by the little caves and cliffs and it is so pretty!!!!! You should all go there- I recommend it! After that we came back to Kirkcaldy and we had Family Home Evening with some members and our Friend "A". He is deaf. He is seriously so funny and nice! Haha he is great!
   Tuesday, we had a meeting. Scotland East. It was good it was our Zone (Dundee) and Aberdeen Zone. We talked about a ton of things! They were all good! We practiced sharing a one minute lesson on the Restoration. I am getting pretty good. So that is exciting. Oh and we had cake. That's always good! Came home, then we went to Ward Council and we had Fish and Chips for dinner. mmmm and then we had our British sign language class at the Church. There were quite a bit of members that come to it so that was really good! Andrew taught it!
   Wednesday, we did some finding. We were walking by the beach talking with people. I love this place so much. Ah it's so good! We went over to this members house for lunch. Her name is Margaret Kelly. Now let me tell you.. There are so many Margarets here you wouldn't believe it! But it is true! We went out to Glenrothes after that and we taught a recent convert named Kim that was good. After that we went all the way over to Dysart and had dinner with our Investigator "J". The Thompson family from the ward came over too and it was so great! "J" is so great!! He is so nice! We came home and learned some Sign language so that was good. Man- It is tough. Have you ever tried to learn British Sign language.. I have- The Grammar is SO different. It drives me crazy but I pray and do my best! Heavenly Father provides the rest for me! I Sure do love Him.
   Thursday we did our planning like every other Thursday so that was good. We went over to Sister Browns house and had lunch with her. It's called Cullen skink. It was really good! Kinda strange at first. It has so much fish and mussels and fishy stuff in it.
   Friday and Saturday we just had some lessons with our friends and we did a lot of Finding around Kirkcaldy, Lots of Chapping. This one man we Chapped on his door and he set up an appointment with us! Exciting huh!!!! It sure is!!! 
   Sunday, (Yesterday) we had church. It was really good. We had Combined Priesthood and Relief Society so we talked about the importance of the Sabbath day. Next week our meeting times are getting switched so we will have Sacrament first! Exciting! 
   I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!! Thank you for all of your prayers and letters!!! LOVE SISTER STRIBLING 
Please enjoy these pics from the lovely beaches in Scotland (; 

My first week half back in Scotland

Farewell to my friends in Limerick :-(

   Over the Island and through the Sea to Kirkcaldy I went. Well I have been here for just about 3 days or so now and I love it. It is so good! The people here are really nice and so that is good! The weather has been SUNNY! Can you believe it! I was about to shrivel up like a grandma in a pool but there is still hope!! Here In Kirkcaldy there is a lot going on! We have a few friends that we are teaching and they are so sweet! We are right next to the beach! Can you believe it! I still can't!! Crazy stuff! So here in Kirkcaldy we teach some people in Sign language... WOO! Let me tell you, Me trying to learn sign language is quite a sight! I have picked up quite a bit though so I think it is going good!! So rewind time for a bit.
   On Monday! Wow that was so long ago...We cleaned and shopped and emailed. Then we went around and said bye to some people. I had to say Bye to Juan and Sonia.. So SAD! I MISS THEM! I just love them so much! Oh man. They are so good! I made their Grandson a crocheted duck! Because his favorite animal is a duck. He liked it so that was good!
   Tuesday was nuts! We went and said bye to more people and then we had to go to the Bus station and pick up two other Sisters and then we switched companions and went to DUBLIN!
 Josie Allen and I
 Me with the Enokibara Family
 The Banabos
Sister Faloon and I 
Haha oh Sister Stewart 

   Wednesday, we woke up at 4:30 am and we set off to the Bus station. We took a bus up north to Belfast and then another bus to the ferry and then we took a ferry over to Scotland and then a bus to Edinburgh! Man.. After that we had a train ride for an hour and a half and then!!!!!!! We got to Dundee, stayed the night there and took another bus in the morning. 
   SO we arrived on Thursday morning around 11. (Man I just realized I have 5 Minutes and like 45 minutes worth of stuff to write about.) SORRY!!!! Miracle story- So we had to all buy Train tickets and it is the End of the month so most of us are all broke or we have like 19$ so you can't take money out unless its 20$. Well I Was one of those people. But as one of the other sisters was getting her ticket the machine gave her back 10 pounds but she paid with exact change. There aren't any workers there that are in charge of the Machines so we didn't know what to do? So it was like a miracle! We all got our tickets and we were off!! I have arrived safely in Scotland and my new companion Sister Jackson and I are doing good here!! 
Sister Dias and i with our white faces at 4 in the morning

(Mom note-This weekly update was written by Sister Stribling last week on P-Day but when she went to send it out the computer logged her off and so the email was in limbo until this week.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Guess where I am going???

Me skipping down the road like usual!

   WELL!!! We got moves call last night... And guess what! I am moving back over to Scotland. Over to Kirkcaldy. I have no idea what is going to happen but it is going to be so good!!! I am really excited for all of the changes that are ahead of me but I am so sad to leave Limerick! Missions are crazy experiences! This week is seriously just a big blob.. I have no idea what we even did this last week... I will try my best to remember!!! 
   Monday we saw Juan and Sonia, They are still doing great like always! 
Me and Giacomo! Juan and Sonias grandson so cute!!!
French things.ohhhh 

   Tuesday, we went to our friend "P"s. He just got back from Holiday over in France and he brought us back a ton of snacks and sweets from France!! Crazy! He also brought me STINKY CHEESE!! Now- I love cheese.. But that stuff smells so bad!!!!!!!!! Sister Stewart and I almost threw up when we smelled it!! I wish I could attach smells on this e-mail because I want you all to smell it!!! Maybe just let your Rubbish sit for about 7 weeks and then smell it. That's probably the closest you will get! We also had our District meeting on Tuesday and it was Elder Bailey's last one!!! We will miss him!! He is going home!
 Our District. L to R- Elders Williams, Salinas, Oxspring, Christensen, Bailey, Buckley, Reimers, 
Sister Stewart and I (:
The best 4 in our district the Limerick missionaries (and a photo bombing ginger Elder LOL)

   Wednesday, we saw Jeannette and Kirsty, They are doing good! We watched a Mormon message with them.
   Thursday, we did our planning for the week. We went and saw Juan and Sonia and we taught them about family History they loved it! We are going to help them make accounts so that they can start to do their own! We also went and taught Pierre again (on Thursday) about Prophets and we read a talk by President Monson with him. He liked it he said, so that was really good!!
   Friday, we went and helped Juan call some place in Dublin. We Had our Coordination meeting and we also went and saw the Enokibaras! They are so great haha their kids just crack me up! Until they gang up and tickle me then that is no fun at all!!! 
   Saturday was so good! We had a fireside by an Area 70, Elder Herbertson. It was really good!! "P" came to it and he liked it! Elder Herbertson told us all about the life of a 70 and about how we can each make it to the Celestial kingdom. It was great!
   Sunday was so long! We had our Branch Council meeting at 9 am then we had church like always, so that was good. Had some Sweet pork Burritos for lunch. Then we walked over to the Bus station and said bye to Elder Bailey and then we went over to Juan and Sonia's. They weren't in. Then we waited in agony for our moves call and finally got it at 10:27pm... 3 minutes to spare!!! Thought we were forgotten! I am excited for this new adventure... wish me luck!!!!!! 
 Sister Stewart trusted me to cut her hair... 
I did so good

Bye Bye to Limerick & Sister Stewart...Hello Scotland (again)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Limerick (:


   Well this week has been pretty long! It all started last Monday when we had P day and we didn't do anything exciting. We went to Juan and Sonia's on Monday night and we taught them some English and we picked apples with them. They told us about this apple tree in their backyard and so we told them we would make them an apple pie. So we went and picked so many apples. haha oh my. We filled up 2 shopping bags. It was really funny because I kept telling them that was enough but I don't know how to say that in Spanish and so they just kept picking! Haha too funny.

   Tuesday, we had our district meeting. Talked about the spirit. That was good. After that we went over to eat lunch at subway. We went and did chapping for the rest of the day! 2 People answered their doors but both of them didn't want to talk to us. 
   Wednesday, we went and did finding all day. We walked around the city and talked with people and we went and did some chapping. We were supposed to teach someone but they were not able to make it into the city. That was sad.
   Thursday, we did our Weekly planning as usual. Then we went over and tried by some of our former investigators around the city but they moved or weren't in. We came home and had some bbq chicken for dinner and then we went over to the church because we had a movie night and we all watched "Meet the Mormons". It was really good, everyone had a good time.
   Friday, we went and chapped. This lady let us come in. She was...different. We shared with her about the Book of Mormon and she went off on some crazy tangent... Oh gosh! Well after that crazy experience we went over to our missionary meeting and then over to Bernie's house. She is so great! Oh and she gave us cream puffs. mhmm what a good day. We went and did some chapping and them went over to see the Barros family and we had dinner with them! they are so funny haha.
   Saturday, we did finding all day again. Lots of fun! Raining like always.

We were walking home in the rain and there was a huge puddle and these 2 dumb boys driving by splashed the puddle all over us!!!! jerks!! So ​rude.

Sunday, Church was good. We had quite a bit of visitors from Washington. Its always fun to talk to them. Well, this coming Sunday is moves call so we will see what happens!! If you wanna send me mail send it to the mission home please!! Love you all!! Have a great week!!! ~SISTER STRIBLING
They named this street after my new Nephew! His name is Atlas David Savea Stribling (born July 13th at 1:08 am Hawaiian time 22in long and 8lbs 10oz)  

Week 30 something??? I think...



Well this week (week before 8/3/15) was really the best one ever. Now I know I say that a lot but this time I really really mean it!! This week Juan and Sonia got baptised!!! WOOO! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! 
   Monday was normal, we went to the Kelly's/ McCarthy's house for dinner. And Azariah made me some Birthday cake! Woo! I Sure do love Birthday cake!! 
   Tuesday we had District meeting as usual except there were like 12 people in there! Crazy. Juan and Sonia had their baptism interviews and we also saw Jeannette and Kirsty! They also made me a birthday cake! Woo! We met with our new friend name "R" at Arthur's Quay park. It was pouring down rain so we stood under a tree and taught him about the restoration. It was really good. We went home and ate some dinner then we walked around the streets trying to talk with people but it was still raining so I don't blame them for not wanting to stop...haha I don't think I would want to either! 

   Wednesday we went to try by a referral that we got. She wasn't in so we went and talked to people on the streets. Then we went and saw Juan and Sonia and taught them the last lesson! WOO! 
   Thursday we did finding all day! Woo woo! It was a long day that is for sure! 
   Friday we went and saw Juan and Sonia and got all the baptism clothes in order.  Then we taught our friend "A". She is looking for a more spiritual way of life so hopefully we will be able to help her find that. We went out to the Allens house for dinner. Josie even let me help her in the kitchen! I was on roast slicing duty! Woo! 
our dinner..... WE DIED! Way too much food but that's what happens when you're really hungry

   SATURDAY! We went to the Church at 7:30 to fill up the Baptismal Font. So we went out to the boiler room got all the stuff situated or so we thought and then went and turned on the font.  But only freezing cold water was coming out but we didn't think too much of it because we thought it just needed time to warm up. So about 45 minutes passed and we had 4 inches of freezing cold water in the font. President Kearny came over to the church and he went to check out the boiler to see why it was cold. Well, we found out that the water valve was actually closed and so the water coming out was just leaking out, and that's why it was cold. We didn't turn the boiler on right. So he got it all fixed for us and after 10 minutes it was going good. We had warm water and it was filling up way faster! If he hadn't came to check on it that water would have been so cold and not very high! I am so glad that he showed up! The baptism went really well! The Speakers did their talks in Spanish and English so everyone could understand. Sister Stewart and I made Pasta salad and Chicken salad Sandwiches and cookies for afterwards. Everyone liked it so that was good! 
   Sunday, Juan and Sonia got set apart so that was really good too! And Fast and Testimony ​was great! After Church we went and did some chapping and also went to the Banabo's house! 
   This week was really great!! I love you all!! Hope you have a great week too!!! ~SISTER STRIBLING

(mom note: sorry to all those Sister Stribling fans/supporters that missed reading her blog last week.  But I am redeeming myself by posting last week and this week's blogs today.  Better late than never...right?!  Thanks for your love, prayers, and support!)
Went to a BBQ place called El torro. It was okay but not as good as America :(
 Azariah came teaching with us