Thursday, March 5, 2015

Better Late than Never!

So we didn't have time on Monday so we are emailing today! (Wednesday)  First, answers to Mom's questions

1) Any new baptisms in the works for you and your comp?HOPEFULLY! In the Semi-near future! We are teaching one guy now and we are excited for him, he is pretty great!

2) Did you reactivate some less actives this week? this past month?Nope not this month. We will keep working with everyone we can though! 

3) How many Book of Mormon's have you given away? Oh man I don't even know how many I have given away... I think just about one or two a week.. I am not sure how many weeks it's been but some one can add it up ;D  (mom note: as of this week Wednesday she has been out 19 weeks now)

4) Do you ask families "What can we do for you"? and then what kind of things do they say?THEY ALWAYS TELL US NO! Haha not sure why. Maybe they dont want to take up our time or something like that but we seriously love to serve them so much! I think as we build better relationships with people they are more open to service from us. So hopefully soon they will use us haha!

    Well this last week and a half has been something else!!! We have been pretty busy with moving flat's cleaning old flats and getting everything back to good! It is getting there and we are almost done! It is so exciting!! We are teaching Rachel today and that will be great! We are so happy that she was baptised, she is seriously just so great! We are also teaching Christian, He is one of our investigators and he is awesome too! Hopefully we will be able to see him this week! All of our people here are doing great! They are still amazing, Like always! It is so great to be able to see people grow and change to come closer to Heavenly Father! I hope that you all are having a great week! And always remember who loves you! LOVE SISTER STRIBLING

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