Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Limerick! WOO!

    So this week has been something else. It has been great! It has been CRAZY! But more great then crazy that's for sure. There is always so much to do! So many people to talk to! But it is great! I love it! So this week we were able to go to the city a lot and to try and find people there. It's amazing! And really super scary! 
    Well on Monday it was P-day! Woo! So much fun right? Of course. So we did the usual P-day things. Email, cleaning, and grocery shopping. After we were done with the usual things we met with the Elders (Scott and Cook) and we tried to figure out something to do. I DROVE! WOO! That was crazy. But we didn't die and so it was good! So what we did was the Elders told me to get lost in Limerick, and so I did. We ended up by some church ruins and so we explored it a bit, took some cool pictures and stuff like that. We met a man named John. He cleans Grave stones for a job. He is pretty cool actually. We talked to him for a bit and the Elders will go back to see him. Hopefully it will work out for them(: Well after that we just went home and had dinner.
 Me  & Sister Martin on the Road
The Elders (Cook & Scott) stole my camera.  I hope their mommies like their picture 
 Me and Sister Martin hanging out around some castle ruins on Zone Development Day

   Tuesday was St Patrick's day! And we are in Ireland! How cool is that!? Pretty cool, I know. We had a meeting and then after that all of us missionaries had lunch together. We went out to the city and we did street boarding, The question we wrote was "where are you from?" We had a ton of people stop and answer it for us and we had to write the answer on the board. It was pretty great! And we met two amazing people from it! We will hopefully see them on Sunday
   Wednesday we got a lesson canceled on :( so sad. We waited and waited but nothing. 
Thursday we were with Nichola and she passed her Baptismal interview! WOO! after that we practiced singing for her baptism, but we can't sing at all so she told us we didn't have to. THANK GOODNESS! Well then we went to Brother O'Rourkes house and we had dinner with him and Bernie. They are pretty great! It was fun! 
    Friday we did some planning and it was pretty good! I got a new pet kitty! So There is this cat that comes to our back door every morning and he just sits there and waits for me to come pet him. Well Friday was cold in the morning so I put some snacks on the ground inside our flat and then the cat came inside. He ate some snack and let me pet him and carry him and then he ran! He ran into our bedroom and got stuck under Sister Martins bed! But she is allergic to cats so she said I had to get him out of the house :( Sad face! So I tried for about 30 minutes. trying to coax him out. But he didn't wanna go. He just felt the spirit too strong in our flat he wanted to live there. But eventually I got him out with pets, a laser pointer and treats. Yes, we keep a box of cat treats in our flat just for him. I also carry one with me at all times to feed the neighborhood cats.. haha I am so weird! Seriously. Well after we got the cat out the day was not as exciting. We also did some street boarding with the Elders so that was fun. We asked "what makes you happy?" Lots of people stopped to answer it for us! It was great, we found 2 people that we will hopefully be able to meet with this week! Exciting! 
Midnight Snake Eyes hiding under the bed...here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

     Saturday, we had a baptism! Nichola Sherlock was Baptised! She's so great! She is seriously so sweet! I love her so much! She is the bomb! We had to get there like 3 hours early to fill up the baptismal font. That thing is seriously so slow! But the water was warm so it was good! She was so happy, when she got out she hugged Sister Martin and I while she was soaking wet, She is so sweet! On Sunday she was called to be the Primary pianist and she was pretty excited about that I think! We also went to get pizza for dinner with the Elders and that was fun, We saw a rat swimming in the river... that was nasty. 
Happy Baptismal Day Sister Nichola Sherlock!!!

     Sunday we had branch council meeting, super exciting. We had 4 investigators come to church! It was seriously a miracle! I was so excited! We also went to a Passover dinner after church. It was really interesting. There was an inner faith group that meets and we were invited. It was pretty sweet. Really different but it was interesting. They offered us wine.. that was fun?not!. But we were able to share with them some of what we believe so it was good! And we came home chanting in Hebrew. Interesting night over all. 
 Elder Cavallaro and I were taking pictures on Elder Webers Ipad and we got caught. LOL!

   MONDAY we had Zone Development. It's a day where all the missionaries in our zone get together and do games and activities to unite us as a zone. It was pretty great. We went to some castle ruins and played capture the flag. We also went to a park and played yoga football. I pushed 6 elders on one swing. That was... Interesting and really difficult. Those Elders are heavy! Well after that they pushed 4 of us sisters on a swing and it was horrible. They swung us so fast and around in circles. Sister Martin jumped off and bounced then slid. Not cool. After that we had dinner at the church and a testimony meeting. It was great! Since all of the missionaries in our zone live so far apart a lot of them had to leave pretty early. But Us and Elder Scott and Elder Cook had fun together. We did star tipping/gazing (when you look up at the dark sky and spin super fast and then someone shines a bright light into your eyes and you fall over). haha good times... Crazy Elders. They're great though. 

This week was a good one! I hope all of you all are doing super great! I love you! ~SISTER STRIBLING!

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