Monday, March 30, 2015

SOOO- Limerick

Well since we had Zone Development last week this one starts out on Tuesday
   So Tuesday we did our E-mailing and shopping and cleaning. This week we did a lot of finding, We talked to a lot of people. It can be really fun if you are doing it right. This week we did some more street boarding. Which is always good. We used the same question as before, what makes you happy!? But everyone always has different answers. Well sometimes people have similar answers but then there is always multiple things that makes a person happy. So- What makes you happy? Think about it, write it somewhere, tell someone about it, ask someone else what makes them happy. JUST BE HAPPY! Mine would be flowers. I love flowers! They are always so bright and pretty. Good stuff. Well another thing we did this week that was that we went with the Elders(Elder Scott and Elder Cook) and we did Door Chapping together. So first I went with Elder Cook and Sister Martin was with Elder Scott and we chapped doors on the same street. It was interesting to see how different the responses you get are. So after about an hour we Switched and kept on knocking. There was one door that Elder Scott and I Knocked on and this lady came to the door and started to talk with us, Well she had two of the cutest little boys, one of them ran up to me with a elephant puppet in his hands and handed it to me. So without thinking about it twice I put this puppet on my arm and started to play with this kid while I was talking to his mom about the church. It was so crazy. But she Invited us in and she opened up a lot more to us. We will hopefully be able to go back and see her this week! Kids are the best! 

   So on Wednesday we chapped doors for 8 hours. Wednesday was also the day that it decided to rain all day. But it was so fun! The Church is true!  The rest of the week was more of the same really. We were able to talk to some pretty great people and hopefully we will be able to begin to teach them! 
Saturday there was a baptism and that was good. It was also Elder Hallers Birthday, So I woke up at 5 in the morning made him breakfast and then we ran to their flat for morning exercise and gave it to them. (He asked us the night before if we were going to make him breakfast in bed like his mom would to which we responded "of course not! do you know how early we would have to wake up!?" But we did it. And he was happy, so it was good. We had a little birthday party for him and it was pretty fun. 
   Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and we taught Primary, those kids are crazy.... But it was fun! I am doing good and I hope that you all are too! I love you! Have a great week! ~LOVE SISTER STRIBLING! 
Elder Bayles and Elder Haller with cake on their faces.

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