Monday, April 6, 2015

Crazy Week (6 months down)

   Well, This week Monday started off by us running around the city for P-day. We didn't do much but after that we ate dinner with the Faloon family, they are seriously the best! I just love them so much! 
   On Tuesday we had our District meeting. After that we had Smoked Salmon for lunch, and then we tried to do some street boarding. Which didn't work very well because it started to hail. Crazy stuff! So we decided against that and we tried to knock on peoples doors. Way better. 
   Wednesday We sorta just did the same thing as every other day. Try to find people. We taught this guy named Etan, But I don't think we are going to get anywhere with that.. It's sad really. 
   Thursday is our day for planning and so it seemed like we planned all day on Thursday. But after we were done then we tried to find more people to teach. It is a never ending task really but it can be so much fun! We get to meet so many cool people every single day! We are really so lucky. 
   Friday and Saturday we had Exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. That was good. We spent all day in the City Center with our street board asking people questions about Easter and what makes them smile. We found 3 amazing people who we will hopefully be able to meet with and to share with them! Two of them were from Transylvania and they are here for school. Pretty sweet if you ask me. 
   Sunday we had General Conference. It is amazing to me how different people can be but how we can all find the answers we need while watching General Conference. The Men and Women who speak to us during those meetings are so inspired and it is just so great. Here the conference times were pretty weird and so we didn't get to see the Sunday Afternoon session. But I am sure it was amazing! I think my Favorite talk was in the Saturday Evening, by Brother Anderson talking about how we need to hear the gospel music in our hearts! It sure is a lot harder to get things out of your heart and so I thought it was just a great talk! 
   Well today we had the chance to go out to the Cliffs of Moher. It was so pretty out there. It was even like 21 degrees today! Crazy! And I saw the Skinner Family! (A family from another ward in St Robert MO) What are the odds of that! Really! It was so great and uplifting to see them. The Cliffs were so beautiful and we got some crazy pictures really close to the edge! Well I hope that you all are doing great! LOVE YOU!! ~SISTER STRIBLING

... Pictures aren't loading I will try to send them next week. 

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