Monday, April 20, 2015

Moves Call...Staying here in Lovely Limerick

   SO- I will be staying here in lovely Limerick and Sister Martin will be going to Edinburgh. Exciting  stuff! My new companions name is- SIster Martin. Haha I get another Sister Martin. So confusing!
    Well this week was pretty good. It is warming up so much! It's insane! We don't even need to wear our coats. So that's good. On Monday we went exploring to try and find something super fun to do for our P-day and we found something! We found this awesome little park and it even had a zip line! How cool is that! Pretty cool. Well we did a "companionship bonding" thing where you and your companion go on the zip line together. So I jumped on at the count of 3 and she jumped on my lap right after that and off we went! Haha it was sooo funny! But It was so awkward Sister Martin jumped off before we made it to the other side! HAHA! 
Awkward Zipline
Exchange with Sister Wilkin
This week we also had exchanges with the Sister training leaders (Sister Foster and Sister Wilkin). Sister Wilkin stayed with me here in Limerick. We had too much fun! We walked over 27 Kilometers!(17 miles). In one day! Crazy. We went out to try and visit some less active families but none of them were home, so that was really sad. But then we had the chance to chap some doors around and we met some really neat people. So funny story of the week-- We met this lady with cool purple hair. I told her how much I loved her hair and asked her if she knew of a way to get the red color out of my hair. Well she sure did and she told me about this product that you can get at supermarkets for like $10 that will get the color out. So the next day I got some and put it in during our lunch time. Sister Martin came out of the room and I was sitting in a sunny part of the flat and she started to freak out because my hair had turned blonde...HAHA! I thought I was going bald because it was so light. So we washed that stuff out as fast as possible to uncover a beautiful bright orange color...(It would have been beautiful on a flower... not my head)... I was so sad. Sister Martin wouldn't stop laughing at me LOL! I will admit it was pretty funny. So as we were running to the store as fast as possible to get brown hair dye, the Zone leaders drove past us and we just busted out laughing. It was too funny. Well I got it fixed and now I look normal again. SIDE NOTE- Don't worry Dad I am done messing with my hair now. (: I learned my lesson and I am not listening to any purple haired ladies I meet at their door.. Sheesh. 
 Uh Orange Hair
Smiling Selfie

    Well as Sister Wilkin and I were trying to talk to people in the city something really weird happened to me. I tried to talk to like 10 people in a row and I opened my mouth and no words came out... I just stood there with my mouth wide open and nothing was coming out. It was so crazy. I don't know what happened. It was crazy. Then I felt sad. That was no good :( So we decided to go door chapping instead and that was better. It was just so strange. We met this cool lady who is Catholic but she was very interested in the Book of Mormon and so we gave her one and we will go back to her house to see if she had the chance to read some of it. Hopefully she did. 
   Man sometimes it is just so hard to get going, or to talk to people. It can just be tough. But as long as we have faith and know that we are doing everything we possibly can then it all just seems to work. I don't know how. But it does. Heavenly Father is actively involved in all of our lives. We just need to open up to him and allow him to help us. I LOVE YOU ALL! SO MUCH! DO GOOD THINGS! ~SISTER STRIBLING

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