Monday, April 27, 2015

Wonderful Adventures in Limerick

There are beautiful pink fluffy trees here that put their petals everywhere! It's so great! 

Bridge in Limerick

Ayumi Enokibara and me (: She wanted to swing with me 

   Well this week was craaaazzzzyyy. We had our Transfers. So I now have the wonderful Sister K. Martin. LOL! She is wonderful. She's from Bountiful Utah. We have been having way too much fun together! It's great! We do so much finding, We either talk to people on the streets or we go and chap on their doors. Funny story- Last night as we were walking home from our seemingly unsuccessful night of chapping we saw this man on the opposite side of the street and he was listening to his music jamming out not paying any attention to us. I don't even know if he saw us. But we followed him trying to catch up for like 10 minutes. So we decided to run after him and Sister Martin had this wonderful idea of how she would pretend to talk on the phone to someone and I would stop him and talk to him and then she would join in. So we ran after him and it worked. He stopped and talked to me. His name is Tamal and he is Christian. He took a Book of Mormon from us and we will go and see him on Saturday.  So that is really exciting.  He probably thought I was crazy chasing after him, but it worked!! 
Sister Foster and I with our daisy crowns

   So on Wednesday we went to Howth-In Dublin. We went to some cliffs and we sat and watched the ocean. It was seriously so peaceful. But you know me I gotta be me...So I decided to roll down the cliff right to get to the edge so that i didn't fall trying to walk down. Haha SO I started to roll down these cliffs and I rolled right into stinging nettle plants! I was so itchy for like 3 days. It was so horrible. But I didn't fall off the cliff and so that is good! It was a lot of fun being with the STL's (Sister Training Leaders) on Wednesday! Also Sister Hinck was with us, so that was fun! We had a blast! We picked up Sister Martin at the bus station and I was like 30 minutes late because of traffic and it was lame. But She is so great! Oh I just love her. I am seriously so lucky! We are doing well together, finding lots of people, knocking on a ton of doors. walking 16 miles in one day and 15 in the next. This transfer will be amazing! I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us here in Limerick! 

   I sure do love being a missionary! It's the best! It can be hard- But it is so worth it. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Hope you have a great week! Be Good :-)    Love, Sister Stribling
So when you get to 6 months you are supposed to burn a pair of old tights. So I did. 
(can't expect any less from me huh mom(: )

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