Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Week in Limerick

 Sister K. Martin & Sister C. Stribling

   So this week was pretty great! We have been able to keep pretty busy and so it is great! We have been able to meet some pretty amazing people this week! We met with a man named "M" on Tuesday and we taught him for the first time and we invited him to be baptised! Well he said yes! We are so excited to see his progression in the church and all the great things that are waiting for him! It will be so fantastic!  "M" is such a great person! He is just so sincere about everything!
    I have been so sick this week. I don't know what's wrong with me. All this rainy weather probably. I dont know. But I get better one day and then feel more sick the next day. But we are just moving right along. The cough drops and medicine (you all sent me) in the box really help, thanks family! And we have been eating lots of fruit so I don't know why I am getting sick. It is no fun. But soon I will be all better. Hopefully next week because we are supposed to get more rain all this week! FUN FUN! 
   So Wednesday we went to Sister "B"s house for a visit. Their family is so cute! She has 2 daughters and they are so funny. They remind me of Cypress and Calli. Too funny. They even gave us CapriSun! WOO! Score!    Thursday was the best day ever (Besides Saturday...Saturday was great too). We met with 2 new people! First we met with "S", and he is really nice. He is really into history and so it was neat to teach him about the Restoration. It was good! Then we met this guy from Sierra Leone. His name is "A". He is way cool. He is very nice and open to the gospel. The work is just going so great here in Limerick! We have also been meeting with this guy named "A2". We have met with him 3 times now and things are going good! He does topiary and he knows all of his plants! It's pretty cool. He doesn't really know what he wants to do in regards to learning more but we talked to him and resolved some of his concerns so hopefully everything will be fine! We have high hopes for him! 
   Friday we went to Sister "G"s house! She is so cute! She has 2 kids and her sister was over visiting. They are from the Philippines and they made us some delicious rice ball soup stuff with Jack fruit and yams and plantains. It was good! 
   Sunday we had a good fast Sunday. Very uplifting. We went to the "Mc"s house for dinner that was fun. (Mom note- We got to see pics with their family posted on fb by Azariah.  Thanks "Mc" family for all your love and taking care of all of the many different sets of missionaries that come through your ward)
   Well today we went to the Bunratty Castle. It was pretty neat. It's like a big square castle. We also went to a woolen mill by it and it was such a cute little town! 
   Well I am doing pretty great! And I hope you all are doing good too.  I love you all so much. Be Good!
 Us in front of the Bunratty Castle
 Me in the cool chair thing
 Sister Martin and I got matching skirts (Different colors but they still match...)
Driving through Shannon. (:

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