Monday, May 25, 2015

Limerick Round 3


   Moves Call?! Happy to Stay, Sad to be losing Sister K. Martin

   Well I am really excited to be staying here in Limerick! But I am really sad to be losing Sister K. Martin! She really is super great! This last transfer I have had with her I have learned so much! It is just amazing to me! I just love her! But I will be getting Sister Stewart so I am also excited for that! We will have a great time together here in Limerick!
   Well Sister Martin and I had a pretty great week together this past week! We were able to see a lot of our friends and to teach them! On Monday for our P-day we went to a place called Castle Lough woods. It is near Ballina. It was so so pretty! We went with Elder Haller and Elder Patterson and we took lots of pictures and we even went by the ocean! It was so cold! My hand almost fell off when I touched it! After that we met with our friend "F" and we tried to answer some of his questions. He sure has a ton of questions. But we try to answer them the best we can. It's tough but it is teaching me a lot of patience! That is for sure!

   Tuesday we had our District meeting and it was really good! Sister Martin and I taught about listening and resolving concerns. It was good. And I used my mad piano skills to play the closing Hymn. Tuesday we were able to meet with 2 of our friends "M" and "A". They are both doing good! "M" is working towards baptism so that is exciting! We taught our friends "J" and "S" some English lessons and they are doing great! I just love them so much! And we taught our new friend named "P", He is from France. He is really nice so we are excited to see what is going to happen!
English Class with "J" & "S"

   Wednesday was really crazy. We met with a new friend called "R" and he has some really good questions! We were walking on our way to meet someone and we saw Johnny Andrews in Super Macs so we went in real quick and said hi to him and his wife Malou. They are so cute!
   Thursday we had a lot of lessons and everyone was doing good! We saw Jeannette and Kirsty so that was good.
   Friday we had our missionary meeting and then we went to see a less active man in the Branch named "B". He was at a refugee camp for the last 8 years and he is really nice. He loves to preach to people so it makes for some good conversations! We taught English again on Friday and "J" is doing great!

   Saturday we were able to see our recent convert Nichola out in Ballina and we helped her around the house a little bit. I tried to help by mowing the grass but here in Ireland it is way too wet and everything grows too fast! I hurt my arm so I am trying not to use it as much this week. It has been a while since I have used an old fashion lawn mower. It was good though. Except it died so we didn't get much done. :( We had another lesson with "R" and it was good! We met in the park and it was actually a nice day! It was crazy! We also saw "M" again and then went to the Enokibaras house for dinner! They are so sweet! I just love their family so much!

   Sunday was great! Our sacrament meeting was focused on Seminary and us missionaries got up and sang with the seminary students. It was really a great day! There was also a baptism for a little boy in the branch and so that was great! It was just such a great day! 
   I am doing so good! I love LIMERICK! SO much! I am so happy to be staying here! I love you all and hope you are doing good! LOVE SISTER STRIBLING

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