Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun Fun Week

   So this last week was pretty great! We got a lot of things done. I am still kinda sick and I don't know how to make it go away! It is so lame! But other than that everything is still climbing up! We have been meeting with our new friends and they are all so great! Sister Martin and I are both doing good and so everything is awesome! 
Sisters Picture at Limerick Zone training (Elder Neideck photo bombed us) 
Sister Foster and I (:
I tried to learn how to play the Violin. Sister Martin is still teaching me.. Theres no hope.

   Monday we went to the Castle and then after that we went and saw Jeannette and Kirsty Solley. They were good. 
   Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. We did that from 10-4 and so it was a long meeting! But it was good. We were able to hear some good ideas and to learn a lot of new things. We went to meet a girl at her house that we met on the street last week but she wasn't in and so Sister Faloon invited us over for dinner. They are so sweet! 
   Wednesday we taught some lessons. We met with "A" and taught him about the holy ghost. He is doing really good! We will meet with him tomorrow too(: After that we met with "A2" he is from Sierra Leone. He is also doing good! So over all it was a good day! We went to a family's house on  Wednesday also, Sister Oyibo. Her family is so nice! She is from Nigeria. She is so kind! We taught her kids about the Savior and his role. They are good kids! After our lesson we chapped some doors around their neighborhood and we met some cool people! We even got invited into someones house! They were such a nice family, They let us share a bit with them and so we did. It was so great! 
   Thursday, I was really sick. But we went to our first lesson and he didn't show up and so we did our weekly planning in costa and drank hot cocoa. We had a lesson at 1 pm and it went pretty good(: We had Gitanna come with us and she is just amazing! Then our 3rd lesson got canceled too. So that was lame! 
   Friday, we had 3 lessons and we took dinner with us to Jeannette and Kirsty.  We had Enchiladas. Kirsty asked me what was spicy in them and so I showed her a Jalapeno and told her not to eat it but she sure ate it. The poor girl was on fire. 
   Sunday, I gave a talk in church and we taught primary. It was crazy. Both of them. But it wasn't too bad! I liked it.  And We talked to our families (on Skype from the Faloon's home) and it was so great! It was so fun to see everyone! Good times(: 
   Well today we went back to the Cliffs of Moher- It was fun! It was SO windy! We almost blew away! But no one died so that is really good! I love you all and hope you have a good week!! 
Waiting at the Garda office 
On our way to the Cliffs!
Skyping on Mother's Day

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