Monday, April 13, 2015

Cliffs & Craziness of Limerick

Hanging out @  the Cliffs of Moher with Elders Haller & Bayles & Sister Martin
   So this week in the Crazy city of Limerick...Well we did a lot of street contacting with people. We did some street boarding where we stood on a street and tried to talk to people while they hurried by. We found 2 cool people that we can hopefully meet with. We also did some door chapping which is always fun! Didn't find anyone but we got to talk to quite a few people. Missionary work is great. 
   So this week we also had our Zone Conference. Which is always good! I learned a lot and it was very uplifting. One thing our District president (he is like a stake president) talked about was how everything needs to start with families. We have been encouraged to work with more part-member and less-active families. There is really so many opportunities all over. They are kinda just playing hide and seek with us. 
   This week we had the chance to teach a new man. He LOVES gardening! It is pretty much all he talks about. Everything he says he relates it back to gardening. So trying to teach him about the Book of Mormon was quite the Challenge. He has met with missionaries about 4 times before so he has been told about these things before. He just told us about how he doesn't feel like God wants him in just one church. So what I decided to do was to invite him to plant a seed. A seed of faith and I told him if it grows then we invite him to be Baptized. He said he will think about it (:
So I have these hunky blistery things on my feet and so we tried not to walk as much this week. (mom note-I bought her some Clarks shoes seen in the picture above hanging over the cliff and they cut into her heel and did this damage to her feet. I feel so bad and will be taking this up with the store I bought them from soon. Poor baby)

   But a couple of scary stories from this week!!  A man walked with us for over a mile talking to us at first and then after a bit started being weird and saying stuff to us. Well we had no idea what to do besides tell him to go away and leave us alone. Sheesh. We called all the Elders who live around us but they were all busy so we were just scared and didn't know what to do! Well the first Elders to call us back was one of our Zone Leaders and One of the AP's so they came to our rescue. They are great! 
   Second scary story. (During Street Boarding) We asked the question on our street board "What makes you Happy?" and some guy yelled at me and told me I make him happy. And so he wrote it on the board and then made a B line to me and tried to kiss me! WEIRDO! Needless to say I moved so fast and he left. Phew. Some people.... 
But other than that our week was not very eventful so that's good! I am doing okay. I hope that your weeks are great! LOVE YOU ALL!  Sister Stribling

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