Monday, March 16, 2015 Limerick I go!

Elder Martin Elder Pienaar Elder Salazar Sister Riesen and I on my last night in Glasgow!

Well over the sea and through the crazy crowds of crazy people to Limerick I go. So that ferry ride was the worst thing in my whole life!!! Seriously! I almost died. And I threw up all in that weird bathroom. It was SO CRAZY. I hope that I never have to go back on that thing. I will cry. So hard.

    So after we got off the Ferry we got on a bus, and then off that bus and onto another bus. After that bus we got to Dublin and we met our new companions! Mine is Sister Martin, she is quiet and has short hair(inside joke...) Haha good one Sister Stribling. But really, she is pretty funny and we get along pretty great! This will be a good transfer for sure! We will be having a baptism for Nichola Sherlock on Saturday, It is going to be so great! Nichola is so funny! She is amazing. She is doing great! We were going to sing a song with the Elders at the baptism until she figured out that we cant sing.. at all.. haha good one. 

Me & my new companion Sister Martin

   So Ireland is a lot different than Scotland. That's for sure. On Saturday we went street boarding with the Zone leaders and our District leader. Now that was scary. We went into the middle of the city centre. So we had this big white board and we wrote on it, "Why do we celebrate Easter?" And so for about 4 hours we walked around and talked to people about it. It was pretty great. I set up an appointment with one guy named Gabriel and was able to share with a lot of people! It was great! 
   So everything is going pretty good over here in Limerick, We are excited to be here during St. Patrick's day. Kinda scared too though.. haha we will see what happens. 
THE CHURCH IS TRUE! I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!

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