Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week

                                          Found a Kitty outside the chapel.
   This week has been another Tough one that's for sure, But for way different reasons. Christmas is such a great time of the year, but trying to talk to people during Christmas time is not as easy as it sounds, It's still great though. 
  Sister Dias and I Had a wonderful idea on Sunday of last week, to work with members! To teach the members, so we can refresh their memory about these things and they will be able to share it more easily. So we started that this week. Helping and talking with the members, They are so amazing. So nice to us. Hopefully as we continue to do this we will be able to find people and help them. 
   On Christmas Eve Sister Dias and I read together about Christ's birth and thought of ways we could help each other feel this Christmas Spirit stronger. And Let me tell you, it was pretty great! When you don't need to worry about presents(well a lot of them anyway)or cooking or anything really, we were able to feel this so strong. We made cookies on Christmas eve to take to the people that live around us and we made some to take to the activity we had. During this activity is when. dun dun dun.... My toe was broken.(which now I am not allowed to walk on for 6 weeks. I am so sad about this whole situation. UGH :( )
   Christmas we had lunch with the Lawson family, Who are so amazing by the way! They are so sweet! After lunch we went to Pierre's Flat and watched movies with everyone there and then we went to Dinner at Sister Barnshaw's house. This Lady is the best! She is so nice to us (when she isn't calling me a cheeky monkey). She made us CD's which is so great because the ones we have we have listened to probably a good 1000 times. 
   Boxing day Pierre took us to the Irn Bru Carnival! It was way too much fun! we went on rides, got sick, puked everywhere, got on some more rides, FUN FUN! 
   Saturday we spent on the phone with the emergency accident people and Sister Brown, I told the people what my foot looked like and they told me to come into the emergency room within the next 4 hours. That's when we found out it was broken. 3 hours later hobbling home and now we are homebound :( our Zone Leaders are nice enough to give us rides when they can so that helps out a lot.
   Sunday we went to church with the Zone Leaders(Other missionaries in our area but they have a car) and everyone was asking us what happened and we came up with a new- cooler story, Sister Dias Was trying to teach me Brazilian Capoeira and she ended up hitting me too hard it broke her pinky, then when I tried it I am too uncoordinated I ended up hitting her and then the wall and that's how I broke my toe.. Really though, Chair Football is intense. 
   Well I hope that everything is going super great with each of you, and that we are able to take this Christmas Spirit and carry it with us through out the year. 
   ~Who's on the Lord's side who? Now is the time to show. We ask it fearlessly: who's on the Lord's side who?~ 
   I hope this week brings you all nothing but good things and happiness, I LOVE YOU! 
~Love Sister Stribling

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