Thursday, December 4, 2014

What a week! Had the flu Friday-Saturday, All better on Sunday, had my 1st baptism too!

Well let me tell you, Heavenly Father knows who we are. 
This week seemed like it was never going to end. It was torture each day it felt like. But as I look back on this week, it was AMAZING. 
     Monday we went shopping(which is so horrible each week. I don't know how shopping can be so difficult but trust me it is.) Then we came home cleaned up put everything away, went to the library, played chair football (So each player has a chair they are gaurding and there is one soccer ball in the middle of the court, everyone tries to kick the ball at your chair and if it touches you are out) Pretty much the best game ever invented. Then we had a Family Home Evening at the church, had Pizza, and did indexing. 
     Tuesday we did family history! SO MUCH FUN! I love it. After that we had lunch and I helped Sister Dias with her Language study. She is getting so great with her english. In this weeks letter I will be starting a section that is titled *The best thing Sister Dias said all week* In this week it was "I will miss this when we die. Eat. Mm so good."
We had a meeting with our ward mission leader and then we taught (our investigator) Michael. 
     Wednesday we started to volunteer at a charity shop. This week we were taking off stickers from DVD's and CD's. Now let me tell you, if you are ever bored, peeling stickers for an hour is the best way to fix that. We got cancelled on:( and then taught Michael again (For the last time before he is baptised)
     Thursday we had our weekly planning and I was feeling pretty down about how everything is going and just how I feel. Well, I got the perfect letter from Sister Ashton on Thursday. We think we know what the Lords plan is in the beginning. But as it goes on, we realize we have no idea what he is doing with us until he is done. I don't know for sure why I am here, but I know that the Lord knows why. He wants me here to help someone and I will be here willing to help as much as I can. 
     Friday and Saturday-- I GOT THE FLU! I don't know how but I was almost dying. Sister Dias was taking care of me though. She is so sweet, she made me soup and nasty tea that she made me drink.  But golly on Sunday I was not even a little sick. It was amazing! Oh also, on Saturday we found a dead Squirrel on the road, Froze it and put it in one of the Elders bags. LOL! he wasn't too happy... Revenge is on its way(that's what his companion told us)
     Sunday we had a great day at church and an even better day after our investigator Michael was BAPTISED! He is the best! We love him so much. He was so happy and we were all crying and a huge mess but it was amazing. 
I love you all and hope everything is going well! THINGS ARE GOING GREAT HERE! LOVE YOU ALL! ~Sister Stribling
Elder Gibson and Housely with Lizzy Sister Dias and I with Michael and Elder Browning and Sister Browning
Sister Dias and I with Michael, No one can look at the same camera. LOL

View at your own risk. We gave this Squirrel to Elder Zander,but he didn't like his present. :(

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