Monday, December 15, 2014

Till the Work is DONE-United We Will be as One!

SO, This week was so great. I'm not sure why. It definitely was not the weather this week. Or because we met a ton of people (we met one). This week was pretty busy though. A good busy. Not too much, but just right. It was great.
   Monday Sister Dias and I had the best shopping experience ever. Every single Monday shopping for food is the worst thing. But this Monday it was the best! We prayed before we left that we could have the spirit with us, to know what we should do, and how we can make it easier to shop together. Well let me tell you...The idea of praying before you go shopping sounds super silly. But, it made a difference. We joked and laughed the whole time. When we got done with our shopping and realized how great it was...we just hugged. The Lord loves us so much. After emails we played bubble football. If you don't know what bubble football is...It is when you play soccer (Cype-Football means soccer) inside of giant hamster balls covering the top half of your body. Only your legs are out of the bubble. The Elders "destroyed" us. They were all running and slamming their hamster ball into ours and we went flying. I got turned on my head a couple times and had to wait for someone else to hit me again so I could get up. Haha so much crazy fun. We had Family Home evening and it was great! 
   Tuesday We had our last District meeting with Elder Burt. He went home on Thursday. We visited a few less active members around us and had a few meetings. It was a pretty good day. Studied some English with Sister Dias. Fun Fun.
   Wednesday and Thursday We visited more with less active members and tried to find new people. We knocked on about 60 doors. SO MUCH FUN! It was so windy and pouring down rain @ millions of gallons a second. We were so soaking wet. Wringing out our skirts at the bus stop. Haha good times. That's for sure.

   Friday We taught Rachel and Michael. They are both so great. Rachel is so sweet and we just love her so much! She loves the church so much it's great. She is way more than a Golden investigator! Probably more like Platinum. 
  Saturday We played football with some members. I knocked all their socks off with my amazing football abilities this week. (HA yeah right.) But it was definitely the best I have played. They traded me to different teams 2 times! First they traded me off their team and then wanted me back on when I actually started to play. Can't pick and choose so mean. Haha no but it's good fun! 
   Sunday! I love Sunday's. Our ward mission leader Brother Mathers, talked in Sacrament. I taught Gospel Principles about talents and where we get them, how do we strengthen them, and develop more. Then Sister Dias and I taught Young Women together. They are so sweet! We watched the Amazing First Presidency Devotional and also The Christmas Truce Fireside. This year  marks 100 years after the war so it was a big deal for all the people here, with their Red Poppy flowers on their Jumpers(Sweaters). 
   -------------Scripture of the week-------- 2 Nephi 16:10
Make the heart of this people fat and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes,- lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts and be converted and healed.
 I loved to choose and see my path but now, lead thou me on. 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lords Kingdom once again on this earth. Come unto him and find anything and everything you need. I know it. I love it. I  LOVE ALL OF YOU SO VERY MUCH!  Do the best you can!

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