Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This week was tough...Heavenly Father is in charge!

Fair warning- This one will be shorter I have 20 minutes and I will try!
   OKAY. SO... Christmas time is the best time in the world!! Unless you are trying to share the true meaning of Christmas with people. Then they just hate you. As most of you have probably seen, we have a new video from the Church, "HE is the Gift". What is the real reason we celebrate Christmas? Gifts are great; don't get me wrong, But our Father in Heaven gave us the ultimate gift! How could the Father show the world, of Sacrifice, of Death? He sent his Son to die for US, and rise, with living breath. This Christmas, we should all remember him as we are going about our way, shopping and what not. It's easier said then done that's for sure, But it is worth it. As I have been out here on my Mission I have realized this. God loves us so much, that he has a plan for us, The plan doesn't end after this life! Families can be FOREVER! Who wouldn't want that!?
   This week was tough. I had so many doubts about myself. What am I doing? How is it even possible for me to make a difference with these people I talk to? Why does Heavenly Father want me here to do this? Well I know, that Heavenly Father LOVES me. He knows me, he knows what I need, when I need it, and who needs to be placed in my path. This week I am turning over the reigns. He can handle this. I can't on my own. Heavenly Father is in charge.
   Our week overall seems like a normal week. We taught and met people. Tried to help, had meetings, ate food. mm food. (Sister Dias will put anyone to shame when it comes to eating let me tell you. That girl can eat.(mom's note: she doesn't mean this in a bad way, she admires her!)
   Monday was nothing too special, more chair football. I love chair football. It's so much fun. Did Email. Family Home Evening.
   Tuesday we had Exchanges so I went over to Irvine with Sister Montgomery. She is so sweet. We met a drunk guy named John and he told us we could come back if we brought a friend with us. We chapped doors and visited with some less active members. We also had a Book of Mormon class. It was pretty great. (But I came back home really sick).
   Wednesday we did some volunteering at the Charity shop again, peeled more stickers off. And We went to a wedding! So sweet! Sister Dias and I decided we are going to be at every single wedding possible.
   Thursday was WAY too busy, so many things to do, people to see, buses to catch. Aye so stressful.
   Sunday was SO GREAT! Fast and Testimony. This Church is SO TRUE! I love it! I love you all SO much! ~~ Sister Stribling
(mom note: yup, Friday was not  posted so ....  Also there wasn't any pics sent with this email.  She was only able to do a short time in the Library for some reason but it's ok!  We can get the idea and feel her love no matter how long or short her emails are.)

Reposting a pic of their humble little tree!  Don't forget to check out "He is the Gift" video!

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