Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Glasgow: One Month down...Still going Stribling Warrior Strong

Well another week here in Glasgow has FLOWN by! This week was so crazy and busy, but I guess that's a good thing! When you don't have time to think about yourself then you can be worried about everyone else. Sometimes a little too worried. Michaels Baptism is this Sunday and he is so great. He is just the best. We also met a new guy and his name is Daniel, He is so incredibly smart. He studies Rocket Science at the University.We have met with him once and he is coming to Family Home Evening with us tonight. 
     On Monday we cleaned the flat, like every other Monday, This last week Sister Dias hit 5 months and I hit ONE! woo so exciting. So in order to celebrate we got matching boots. No not really she just didn't have any and mine broke. We went to the post office. OH MAN, let me tell you about these post offices. SOOO confusing, the lady told me each time I want to send a letter I need to bring it in and weigh it. I was confused because each letter will weigh the same. One envelope. One paper. and Some pen on it. She kept telling me no no no you need to bring it in so we can weigh it and then we have you pay for it then. I kept telling her I just want stamps. Stamps to america is all I want. I just need stamps. Soon enough she just sold me some stamps, but as I talked with the Elders I realized she got me! She had me pay £1.28 for each stamps and the Elders told me they bought .98 pence stamps. Sheesh, that lady was crazy. So now we will never go to that Post office again. 
     Tuesday we had our district meeting. We have 9 baptisms coming up in the next two weeks. Two on the 30th, and 7 on the 7th (LOL huh?) Then we did a survey with people near Glasgow University about family history. That's always fun.
     On Wednesday(thanks for teaching me how to spell Wednesday Cype. Wed.nes.day who would have thought) We got a list of names and address' last week that we have been trying to find. We found one lady on the list but she told us that she was Mormon a LONG LONG time ago. Now she doesn't want to be any more because she ''does all the thing we aren't supposed to'' She told us to take her name off and so we will. We chapped doors around her flat and one of the men started yelling at us. Asking us who gave us the authority to go around to peoples doors. ''Well sir, Actually the Lord called us to do this, to share with people.The prophet of the Lord has given us the authority to preach the principles of the Gospel.'' He didn't like our answer but then again most people don't. Soon enough.
     Thursday we planned. Weekly planning takes about 3 hours, Then we met with a lovely girl named Rachel. She is so sweet. She and Michael are definitely the best ever. (Mom note: That's basically what she says about every investigator and every church member and well...everyone!) Then we came back to the flat to have language study. 
     Friday we met with a lot of people, Pierre, Eric, Michael. We got cancelled on once :( sad I know. Saturday we played football and cleaned the church building with the McCall's. Then we made cheesecake with the AMAZING FAITH Graham and then we went to visit Sister Kangall. 
     Sunday Church was great, as usual. We had a lesson and then watched Mormon messages at the Browning's Flat. Over all this week was great. The work is going on and I love this chance I have to be a part of it. Missions are great! Everyone should serve one! (the wise words of Bishop Ashton.) And to think, I used to think only crazy people went on Missions. I know this is where I am supposed to be. I don't want to be anywhere else, The Lord doesnt need me anywhere else. I LOVE YOU ALL!
HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY DADDY! Thanks for putting up with me all these years and helping me with EVERYTHING that I could ever need or want. Your the best (as you say when the doctor asks if you're my dad) I am her Father. There is this song that we listen to almost every day, and it's talking about our heavenly father but I think of you each time. "He loves me the way I am. He's my strength when I stand. I am his daughter" I hope you have a great birthday, and maybe if you're lucky Cype and Calli will make you a cake. Sister Dias and I will eat some cake over here for you, dont worry
 It was pouring down rain the whole time walking home(like always.. ) we got soaked

Beautiful SUNNY day today!!!(still freezing cold though)

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