Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 2 Provo MTC "Excited to go into the Mission Field tomorrow"

     WOO HOO! I have made it to the end of my stay at the MTC, We are leaving tomorrow at 9:25, We have a 25 hour trip and 4 layovers before we get to the Mission home in Scotland. We are so excited, but kinda sad... We will get new companions, new trainers, and might not see each other for a long while. But you know what, I am so fine with it. And here is why... The Lord is in charge. If we give him the reigns he is able to lead us down a road that is much easier than the road we would be wandering down and getting lost in by ourselves. When we are able to trust in the Lord, enough to allow him to do whatever it is that he sees fit, that is when miracles happen. We had a devotional last night by Sister Nelson. Yeah that's right.. Russel M. Nelsons wife. She is so awesome. She read us part of a conference talk by Elder Scott.  In it he tells of what he thinks Jesus Christ said to Peter, after asking him if he loved him. Jesus Christ needs Disciples, truly true disciples. People that will follow him no matter what the consequences are.

      I am so excited to go into the Mission Field tomorrow, WE HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO! It just makes me happy knowing that people will be able to know what I also know. T-24 Hours! I love you all so much, Thank you for every thing! I will talk to you all soon.
Where in  the World??!! is Scotland/Ireland

Cheese-y Sisters Wagner & Stribling

 Elder Martin and Elder Villanueva; Sister Wagner and I, We make the most of "freetime"
Sister Stribling and her companion Sister Wagner & Sister Skagen & Sister Reed

Sister Wagner and I, Sister Skagen and Sister Reed...... Oh and Elder Udell

 left to right SISTERS- Eyre,Stribling, Goates, Graham, Davis, Skagen, Hirschi, Reed, Wagner.
Elders left to right, Lindsey, Villanueva, Hansen, Jensen (photobomber),
(nobody knows who the Elder with the red tie is....)

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