Monday, November 10, 2014

In the field! Oh Glasgow..

The Field is white (not with snow but with people)(not the color of people just... ya know Doctrine and Covenants section 4) ANNNNYYYWAYYYY....
Okay so we got here on Wednesday after a 25 hour trip. Craziness. Never again in my life do I want to travel that much. Sheesh. Well anyway the trip wasn't so bad after we got to Amsterdam, called Papa bear and he was crying before he went into work heehee, (Crybaby ya know.) Man these UK keyboards are weird.. all the symbols are different and in the wrong place... I'll figure it out..  
Day one(Wednesday) we slept and ate.. then ate some more.. 
Day Two!(First day in the field)- We climbed up Pratts Hill(more like mountain sheesh I almost died) IT WAS SO WINDY! people were falling over and sliding down, rolling in mud, it was great. It was so cold and windy. After that we came back to the Mission home and had pasta and chicken. Mmmm yummy. After lunch we met with President Brown's assistants and we had a lesson. During this time President Brown was pulling us out one at a time to talk with us. THIS TALK DETERMINED WHO WE WOULD BE COMPANIONS WITH. Well obviously I said something right(finally) because I got the best Trainer ever! Sister Dias! (no D but G) Spelled with D pronounced with G. She is from BRAZIL! So we are learning how to talk to these people together. It's tough to understand them at times, and some of them talk so fast... Then they realize I am American and laugh a bit, and then restart slowly. The members here are great! Most of them are pretty nice. The people we talk to on the streets.. not so much... 

Day three(Friday)-First full day in the field! I am so lucky Sister Dias is patient with me... Haha I ask her the same question probably like 10 times. But she just gives me the answer and doesn't seem bothered at all. Most of the Questions I have pertain to the buses. What number was it again? Are we taking the 6 or 6A right now? Is this our stop? How about this stop? This still isn't our stop? When do we get off? Are you sure we didn't miss our stop? Sister Dias is so sweet. Friday we taught our first lesson together with a recent convert, his name is Pierre. Pierre is so sweet! He's great really. We talked with him about the attributes that Christ has and which ones we need to work on. After this we went to visit with Sister Barnshaw, She is so sweet! Its great! After visiting with sister Barnshaw we went to visit our neighbor Jim(LOL huh dad, Same Neighbors) Jim is not a member, but all of the Sister Missionaries love him! He lost his sweet wife a little while ago but he is so loving. He is funny, and sweet he is really just a sweetheart! Cutest little old man ever. 

Day four(Saturday)- We met the Elders and some members and non-members and played football(soccer) after we studied and then we went with Sister Gardner to visit some people she told us about, Maria and Evelyn. Maria is about 82 and she lives with her daughter. Maria only speaks spanish so Sister Dias does all the talking and I kinda just sit there and smile. Maria is so sweet!!! After this we went to go and visit Sister K. She is less active but this woman is so loving and sweet. On the first bus we took we met a SUPER drunk man. He just kept on talking, on and on. I told him we were missionaries and he told us he was Catholic. He offered us his Vodka which we kindly denied. Haha crazy people you meet. We missed two buses to Sister Kangals house and we were an hour late. But she had a ton of cake for us to eat when we got there. We talked with her and gave her a prayer rock(put it on your pillow when you wake up and on the floor when you go to sleep.) 

Day five(Sunday)- We studied then we went to church, Elder Burt(our district leader) gave a talk. After Church we went to a baptism for Nina. After the baptism we decided to go and vist this lady named Lorna, but she wasn't home.. :( so instead we decided to Chap(tract) we knocked on so many doors, met so many practicing Catholics, got told no so many times. This Gospel, This Church has brought me so much happiness in my life and people get mad when I try to share it with them.. I don't think they would be mad if I offered them £500. This Church is worth so much more!! UGGGHHHHH. Anyway. So after we failed at this we walked to the bus stop to head on our way to the church for a CES Broadcast. At the bus stop this lady walked up and stood there. She had on the cutest shoes I've ever seen in my life. They were sparkly loafers, you know just my style. So I told her that I liked her shoes. AND BAM we were in. She asked us why we were here in Scotland? oh you know we are actually missionaries for our church. Oh what church is that? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we told her. Oh Mormons? Exactly we said. She told us that about two years ago these 2 Mormon boys came to her house and gave her a leaflet(pamphlet) but never came back. We invited Debbie to hear what we had to share with her and she so sweetly said that she would love to. We will meet her on Thursday! AHHHH The Lord answers prayers. For sure.

Day 6(Monday)- Went grocery shopping.. it was horrible.. I hate £'s it is so confusing and expensive.. ughhh.. But we got what we needed with £2 to spare. NICE! 
Well everyone, I love you. Heavenly Father loves you. I am so excited to be able to Serve this mission for the next 18 months. This is where I am supposed to be. I would love to hear from you all The Post takes about 2 weeks for letters to get here but it's worth it! Heavenly Father's Church is on the earth again. It has been restored and will never again be taken off of the earth. We can be with our families forever. Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price for each of us. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Hope all is well. Till next week ~Love Sister Stribling

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