Monday, November 9, 2015

Moves Call--to Northern Ireland!

 Cool spider web as we were exercising outside 

Well, if you all haven't heard yet... I have been summoned to Northern Ireland! I will be serving in Bangor near Belfast. I am excited!!! My new companion will be Sister Prescott, It's funny because I lived with her when I was in Glasgow! We lived together for like 8 weeks. So it will be so good!! We will be Whitewashing in! Crazy! So neither of us has been there. Man it will sure be an adventure this transfer, oh  and Thanksgiving is this transfer.. Hopefully there are some Americans there (; haha too good. Only bad part.. Getting back on that ferry... I may die... so stay tuned for next week... (mom note--Sister Stribling got so badly seasick the first time she crossed on the ferry during transfer from Glasgow to please pray for calm seas for her on Wednesday move)

Now just to bug Sister Kate Bloomfield (; IT IS FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And raining.. The street near our flat has flooded!!!!!! It was crazy! but it gave me a good excuse to wear my wellies so I was happy about that! Scotland just has to rain so much so that everything can be all green and pretty! I guess it is a sacrifice we all need to make! 

Monday this week was normal, so that was good. We went with the Elders to KFC. Oh man, I love KFC. So that was fun. Did some emailing, did some grocery shopping and then we walked around the town looked at some charity shops fun fun stuff!! We had Family Home Evening with the Thompson's. Our friend "E" came and it was really good. We talked about how we need to S.M.I.L.E! In 2 Nephi 9:39, To be Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal. It was really good and we made some rice krispie treats mmmm. 
 We were in charge of watching the Thompson's house for 15 minutes. 
 Made toffee apples 
(DONT worry, we cleaned the hob)

TUESDAY we had our District meeting as usual. Elder Livingston is pretty cool. We did some fake chapping. So we had a "True to the Faith" book and we had to open it to a random page and then teach that person about whatever it said. Now there were some crazy ones in there. Like "Hey we are just out talking to people about death." haha.. yeah they would have just shut the door for sure. Or when we flipped to the Law of Chastity, of divorce or some other crazy things in there. It was really good though! We were supposed to be trying to find new ways to talk with people so that's good. Sometimes when you are chapping you can get so bored so that is no good. It makes it so much more fun and interesting when you switch things up a bit! After District meeting the Elders made us some pasta for lunch. They're nice to us sometimes... We were walking over to the bus station and we met this guy named "F" and we were talking to him but he wasn't interested. So we asked him about his family and if he had any advice for us for when we go home.. Haha so "F" said, "Look girls, you need to take your time, I got married when I was 32. and when you find him[or her I don't know what you like] you will just know! You need to look for the sparkle in their eye, and if they don't have it, move on." Wise words from an old Scotsman. He was too funny. Later on we had Sign language class and learned to sign a hymn so that was good!

Wednesday, we walked along the pram talking with people. It was cold, so they didn't want to talk to us very much. haha oh well! We still talk! We had some lunch after that. I think I made broccoli cheese soup but maybe that was the other day.. yeah I don't know.. We walked over to the old flat to clean everything. Good stuff (not really) It's gross. But not anymore! We cleaned it! Not done yet though. A little more to do but since we are both leaving the new (incoming) Elders will have to do it! then we went and taught "J" with Alison (Sister Wilson) and we went over his baptism calendar. We have taught him everything now! He is praying for a baptism date! 

Thursday, we walked along the pram again. We do that most mornings just so you know. There was a man fishing so we went and talked with him, mostly because I wanted him to offer me a go. He didn't.. so we talked to him about fish and how I used to go fishing with Dad. But he is too patient for us and we always get so bored and want to leave... but he doesn't let us leave until everyone gets their 4 fish. He thought that was too funny. If you are ever wondering, fish the incoming tide. I hear its better. We saw "L" with Sister Bloomfield and that was good. We read in Ether 3 with him. Miracles happen!!

Friday, we went to Ladybank to see our friend "A" with one of the members there named Amy. The lesson went good. "A" said that she will write down the blessings that she sees each day so that's exciting for her. We went and cleaned the old flat a little more, then we went and taught "J" with Sister Brown. Friday was a pretty busy day. We missed the bus and ended up taking the train, so that was fun. It was WAAAYY shorter than the bus. 
We took the train! It is so crazy to me. trains.. hmm. 

Saturday, we saw "F" as usual.  Our bus broke down while we were at the bus station so we were sitting there for like 15 minutes and then a new bus finally came! Sheesh! We were only like 20 minutes late and "F" wasn't mad so it was all okay! We tried by some of our friends in Coaltown of Wymess but none of them were in!!! Crazy! We will miss them! 

Sunday was so good! Remembrance Sunday. Everyone wears poppy's to remember all of the lives affected by the wars. We also stand for 2 minutes in silence. I stood with Sister Gowans. She is so sweet! I love her! We went to Elders Quorum this Sunday. That was exciting! We had to go in order to sign for Andrew. It was too funny because they all (the men in Elder's Q) didn't know what to do! After Church we went over to Sister Gowans house and had lunch with her. Then we went and tried by "M", but she was busy so we weren't able to go in and talk with her. Later on, we got our shocking moves calls. Sister Jackson is going to Stornoway and I am going to the North! 

Sister GOWAN! I love her!!! She gave me an old copy of the Book of Mormon.  

This week has been something crazy. I am grateful for the time that I have had to be here in Kirkcaldy and to learn and grow with all of the members here. I am excited for this new adventure! Love you all!! ~Sister Stribling

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