Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Birthday Weeeeeeeeekkk; Nine months done!

Well. My week was normal, then sad, normal normal, rainy and THE BEST! So the first normal part was Monday, when we went to the Cliffs of Moher again. It was so windy!!! I almost DIED!! But really.. I was walking backwards to take a picture and I fell into a dang hole!! HAHA it was so funny..
me after I fell into the hole.. they were just laughing at me!!
My bruise I got from falling into the hole.....
Please enjoy the following picture of us at the Cliffs. With Elder Buckley and Elder Bailey.

It was really a lot of fun!! 

   Well then on Tuesday we had our Zone Interview Training. That wasn't too much fun. We had interviews with President and that was good. We got a lot of different training that is going to help us out a ton!! We have some really good leaders! 
   Wednesday we met with our friend "P". He is doing really good! We taught him about Baptism this last week and he is doing really good!!! And when I say really good I mean REALLY GOOD. 
   Thursday, we did our planning like always and then we went to go see "T". She is so sweet. She is the best. We also saw Juan and Sonia, SCORE! Love that Family so much. oh man.
   Friday, we did Street boarding with the Elders, it was good. 
   Saturday was really busy. We met with Juan and Sonia again, and then our new friend named "A". She is cool. She is from Limerick but she moved back here a few years ago from Boston. Then we went to see Amanda Kelly and her daughter, Bre. They are really nice too! They are members. And we also saw "P" again. He said he will pray about baptism so we will see what happens!!
 IT WAS SUNNY!!! had to take a selfie.
SO RAINY!!! We forgot to bring our jackets this day haha we were only out for like an hour.. crazy.

   Sunday! Well you know. It was my birthday. Mhmm (: So good. Church was really good. We went to the Faloons home for dinner (and cake!) (Mom note: They were so busy laughing and eating they forgot to take pics)  Then we also went over to Juan and Sonias. Overall I ate way too much food, almost died, didn't actually though, so that is good.  
   Sister Stewart decorated the house for me (: haha she is so sweet. The Elders brought me cake with a cat on it!! I sure do love cats.. Well that is pretty much my week.. Sorry it is so short but I hope you all love the pictures.. 
Oh and also... I MADE IT TO MY 9 MONTH MARK>>> So it is said when this occurs that the Sister is supposed to take Pregnancy pictures. So I delivered. With the pictures.. not an actual baby... 

saved one for you Cypee (;

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