Monday, July 6, 2015

LIMERICK LIMERICK...I love Limerick!

Went down to the river shannon on the 4th of July
Me and Giacomo taking selfies while Sister Stewart teaches (; haha 

   Well Well Well. Guess who is so blessed to be staying here in Limerick!? That's right. ME! You all have no idea how happy I am. It is so good! I love it here in Limerick. The people are so good! The Branch is amazing. Sister Stewart and I are doing good! There were so many things that have happened this last week! At least it feels like that. But looking back it was actually kinda slow... haha that's embarrassing! Well let us begin from the beginning shall we? 
   Okay,so on Monday it was Sister Stewart's Birthday and so after we did our normal P-day stuff (Including shopping and football) we went to see Juan and Sonia. You will never guess what they did. They had a little Surprise party for Sister Stewart! So sweet! They are just the best. I wish you all could meet them. We taught them 3 times this last week and they are doing great! They are still working towards baptism on the 25th of July! WOOO! I LOVE THEM. Yesterday while we were at church it was Fast and Testimony and they were asking us why different people were getting up there and so I explained it to them on the Google translate thing and they wanted to go and share testimonies with everyone!   But they didn't because they were afraid that no one would be able to understand them. They are so sweet. They are going to go up next month they said so I will be looking forward to that! They are so good.
 Surprise party haha so cute!  Happy Birthday Sister Stewart!!!
Hanging out with Juan & Sonia & family

   Tuesday we had our District meeting. One of the Elders in my District is going home this week! So sad. We will miss him but it's all good! After we had district meeting we had lasagna for lunch and cake for Sister Stewart's and Elder Baileys Birthdays this week.  After that we went over to Jeanette and Kirsty's house. They are doing good! Later on that day we went into the city and did street boarding with the Elders. "What do you love about your family?" There were a lot of people that came and talked with us. We even met this member that was over here on work. He is living in Utah. So that was pretty neat! 
Street boarding. I asked some random guy to take a picture for us and he told me no....

   Wednesday, I was sick as a dog. I rolled out of bed, then we exercised. When we came home, I was dying and so Sister Stewart made me go back to bed. I thought I just had to sleep for like an hour or two but she wouldn't let me get up! But Surprisingly I got better.. I am not too sick any more after like 14 days of it, haha its about time! 
   Thursday was a normal day.  We taught 2 lessons, one with Juan and Sonia and another with our friend Pierre. It was good!
 Coming home from Dublin on Friday
Random mini horse we found

   Friday, we drove up to Dublin to meet our new Mission President, President Donaldson. He is really cool. He is such a good guy! Everything is going pretty good right now! I am excited to be here and I love being a missionary! Hey since I am staying here in Limerick....feel free to write to me!!!!! I won't ever be mad (; haha good one Sister Stribling.   (mom note: Seriously....she want's & needs people to write her...please and thank you!)

 We made crepes... oh yeah..
Obliviously these computers are not from Hawaii.. MOM- I need spam. Thanks...and Nori Seaweed too!

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