Monday, June 29, 2015

WEEK?....I have no idea... 8 months and a week.

 Our house (for Mama Howell)
 ice cream by the river

We made homemade pizza for Sunday Dinner

I am doing so good. It has been a pretty normal week in the missionary work. 
   Tuesday, we had District meeting so that was good. We went to eat cheeseburgers afterwards so I was happy. So right after we got out of lunch we went to teach Juan and Sonia our Peruvian friends and guess what!? They fed us lunch. It was so good! But we were stuffed and dying! We told her (to give us) just a little bit cause we just ate and boy did she pile it on there. She is so cute. We love them so much! Our English class is going so good! And I am learning some good Spanish. After Juan and Sonia, we ran over to Jeannette and Kirsty's house. I didn't know but I guess we were supposed to come over there for dinner and so we felt so bad because we just ate 2 lunches and there was absolutely no way that (any more) food could fit inside our tummies. But we will go back this week and bring them some cookies or something to make up for it! After we visited with them we drove out to a members house for dinner. Their family is so good!
   Wednesday, we had 8 hours of finding. So what we did is we took the branch directory that we have and picked out some people and we went to try by their house. A lot of them were not in and so we went and chapped their streets so it was good. We went over to the Allens' house (Members) and we had a delicious Irish dinner of chicken, veggies, taters, I forget what else... but it was really good! After that Josie Allen came to teach our lesson with us. We went to see "P"; He is from France and we have taught him 2 times now. He is really nice and he is open to talking about the church. So we will see how it goes! Something that we have been doing lately if we go and visit members is to leave a Book of Mormon with them and ask them to write their testimony in it and then pray about who they can give it to or a street that we can go and chap on to give it to someone.
   Thursday, we did our weekly planning but we were distracted like 10 times in the course of our 3 hours of planning. The Elders needed a lift from the train station to the church and then we had to meet the other Elders in the city. Bunch of troublemakers those Elders are...Not really though. They sure help us out a lot! They are great! 
   Friday, we saw Juan and Sonia again and we taught them about the importance of being obedient and following the prophet. They are so good. Seriously. Every time we go over there the spirit is so strong. They talk to us nonstop even though we can only understand about 20 percent of what they say. Thank goodness for google translate! After that we went to the Barros' family for dinner! They are so cute! Haha their girls just hug us and talk to us the whole time. So on Friday we did some finding. We were walking around the city center talking to people so that was good and after our long day of city finding we went to the Enokibaras house for dinner. We had some amazing BBQ. Some beef from brazil. It was so good. I love their family so much they are the best! 
   Saturday, was a normal day of chapping and finding people to talk to. We saw Juan and Sonia and the Enokibaras were able to come with us! We taught them about tithing and fast offering and they are still planning on baptism on the 25th of July
   And at last, Sunday. Church was good. The sacrament meeting talks were focused on how we can make the sacrament more meaningful. It was really good. We really can fall into a time where we are just doing things out of a routine. But Sacrament is something that should never be like that. I got a lot of good ideas so it was great! 
   I love church! I LOVE THIS CHURCH! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It is so hard, It is so good! I am so tired! I love talking to people! I feel like I can't do anymore but there is so much more ahead of me that I want to do! I love you all so much! And I hope You have a great week! We are getting our moves calls Sunday and so if you want to send me a letter please send it to the Mission home Address @ 51 Spylaw road. Ask my Mommy if you don't have it (: She knows. MUCHO AMOR~HERMANA STRIBLING (practicing my Spanish) I am good! 

 one of the 500 churches in limerick!

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