Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Adventures of Sister Stribling--Limerick

I had to go to a Dentist!
Some Random guy walked up to us and gave us flowers. What a nice guy.

   Well this week was so busy! So that is a good thing! We were only able to see "J" & "S" 2 times this week but they are doing good! They have a Baptism date for the 25th of July! What a good Birthday present huh?! (mom note: that is Sister Stribling's 20th birthday) We are so excited for them. We are still teaching them English and they are amazing! They are So funny! I have these hiccups EVERY time we go over there and "S" is always laughing at me and clapping for me. She is so cute! My Spanish is getting pretty good if I may say so myself... Not really. I know a few phrases though. So it is a success!  
   We had exchanges this week and so that was fun! I went up to Dublin...So much fun! We spent 2 hours driving up there and then our appointments all cancelled. The life of a missionary. So we walked around a park for about an hour and a half finding people to talk to and to share things with. We met this guy named "C"..? Something like that. He was pretty funny. He tried to tell us we need to watch South Park in order to really understand our religion. We told him that is the last thing he should do to learn about religion. Crazy kids now a days. I tell ya. 
 With Sister Wagner again!! (my first companion at the Provo MTC)

 Walking through Stephens green with Sister Wagner

   So I came back to good ole Limerick and we went and had lunch with a member named Bernie. Bernie is AMAZING! Let me tell you. Bernie is so sweet and nice! She made us chicken and salad for lunch and it was so good! We shared 2 Nephi 31:18-19. She is seriously so amazing thats all I can say!
   Friday we had a really busy day! Had the earliest lesson of my life with our investigator named "M". We went and saw her at 9! In the MORNING! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she is very very faithful, it is so great! We had a few lessons cancel on us. SO sad. But welcome to our lives! We were able to see a new friend of ours named "C". He is so cool! He used to be Catholic but he isn't anymore and he is very open to religion he just doesn't know what he is looking for. After that we were able to go to the church and to have a sports night. We had 3 of our friends there and it was pretty fun. We played Yoga football with them and they are really good at football here! It is crazy! 
    Saturday, we were able to go to a Baptism for the Sweetest girl! Her name is "I" and she is 18 or 19, I think. She is so good! She has such a strong desire to go on a mission! It was such a great baptism! After that we had a lesson with this guy named "S". We were supposed to meet him in a cafe but he ended up having to work so we came and taught him in his shop. As I was saying the closing prayer some lady walked into the shop and up to the counter we were standing at because she wanted to buy a parking disc(to park on the street) haha it was too funny. Awkward moments. Our whole lives! 
   Church yesterday was good too! Fathers Day! I just love my Dad so much. I hope you all know that. I am sure that I have the Best Dad ever! He is so great! He is always helping and loving about it! He can get cranky sometimes but he only does the best for us! He is so good! I LOVE YOU DAD! And I LOVE ALL OF YOU ALL TOO! I hope your Monday is going good! Have an amazing week! I LOVE YOU! ~SISTER STRIBLING
 Just like at the MTC. Good times

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