Monday, June 8, 2015

My Lovely Week in Limerick

 DOUBLE RAINBOW IN IRELAND! Still looking for the Gold :-)
 Springtime daisy Sisters
We went and got Bubble tea with Azariah. (IT'S HERBAL) 

Well this week has gone by so fast! But at the same time it has been so long! 
   So we are teaching this lovely couple from Peru and this week we saw them about 3 times. They are seriously the sweetest people! We are still teaching them English and we taught them about the Restoration on Saturday. We were able to bring the Enokibaras to come and to teach them with us. They are able to speak Spanish and so it makes things so much easier! With them we can do like 3 lessons in one meeting because usually we are sitting there typing back and forth on Google Translate so it was such a blessing to have them with us! We also went to the Enokibaras house for dinner on Thursday! Guess what we ate.... Did you guess? We ate Cow HEART and COW TAIL and Cow ribs(Not beef ribs. These were little things with pointy bones.) Surprising enough it wasn't even nasty. I was expecting it to taste really weird and I thought I was gonna puke. But I didn't! 
 Cow's Heart 
This is what cow tail looks like

   So this week kinda felt like I was on my mission in South America for a bit. This week we were able to do a lot of finding. or to go and talk with people on the streets. Here in Ireland people are mostly Catholic so it can be tough sometimes to talk to them. But we try! We went over to the McCarthy's house for dinner, they are such a good family. Their cat had kittens and if you know me you know I love kittens. They are so cute! On Wednesday, while we were dropping notes off at members houses we got lost. We ended up like 40 minutes away from where we wanted to be and by the time we figured that out it was too late to turn around and go back so we had to just go back to Limerick. 
   Friday, we saw Jeannette and Kirsty. They are doing good. Kirsty's Birthday is coming up so she is excited. We also began a volleyball night on Fridays and this Friday a lot of people were able to come! So it was good! I didn't even get hit in the face this week so that was a definite plus! 
   Yesterday (Sunday) we were able to hear from Elder Holland! He is so amazing. He is such a great man! All of the talks yesterday were so good! The stake president from Edinburgh stake gave a talk about how we are like ships. Some people are the big Military fighters and they are able to help a lot of people. But other people are like little boats and they are able to get close to the shore to help people to be saved also. Both of them are so important. We need both kinds of ships! When the Big destroyers can't help the people on the shore then the little boats can go in and help them. Obviously it sounded a lot better when he was talking but it was so good! I learned a lot yesterday so it was good. We had a Munch and Mingle after church and that was so good! I made Cinnamon rolls and we brought them. Everyone said they liked them so that was great! I am doing really good! I hope all of you are doing good too! I love you all so much! ~SISTER STRIBLING

Walking down the Streets of Limerick
Driving and found a sheep just sitting on the side of the road!
Selfies with Sister Stewart
Eating Wexford Strawberries. We bought them on the side of the road. 
Teaching how to make Lasagna!  Instead of teaching I was taking Pictures

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