Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 1: I Got This

October 22, 2014

The MTC is amazing.  You can feel the spirit everywhere you turn!

After Cheyna & Nathan picked me up from the airport (where the Elder we met, Elder Jacobs, was so kindly waiting with me) we went to eat lunch and it was Thebomb.com  As Always, thanks Ohana Grill! (Met another Elder there.  He is going to Argentina)  So then we went to a special 7-11 that sells li hing mui so we got some.

Then I was dropped off curbside & some Elders helped me with my bags and showed me where to go. We got our name tags & were taken to the rooms.  We heard some talks by the MTC President, his counselors, & their wives.  So we got our companions & went to about 5 more hours of class!  My companion is Sister Wagner.  She is so amazing!  She is such a sweet & loving person.  It’s kinda infecting m.  We get along so well & teaching with her comes so naturally!  The Lord knows exactly who I needed.

October 23

We went to dinner @ 4:50 & sat by some random Elders & turns out one of them is from Hawaii.  He lives in California now & he is going to Florida.  (Elder Lauoki)  So we talked about all the good food & guess who had Li Hing everything to share!  Me J  So he was super happy & I was happy to share!

Today we had woken up @ 6:30 (without any problem may I add)  --breakfast, class, class, lunch, class, gym, dinner & that leads to right now in my day.  The spirit here is so great & you feel love for all the Sisters & Elders.

@ 10 o’clock on Oct 23

I became overcome with a spirit, not a good loving one though.  I felt anger and very inadequate.  Cried for a good 30 minutes.  Then our Sister training leader came to see us & took me to a scary stairwell to talk.  I told her about my concerns and feelings and she was able to quiet all of them.  She made me say out loud “I can do this.” & “God loves me.  I can do this.” 

I have been called to this work, as it says in Doctrine & Covenants.  The hour of your mission is now!  I Got This!

I love you all & am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord!

I Love this Gospel!      


Sister Stribling



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